Information about Some Common Fungal Infection including Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention


Fungi can exist in the air, water, soil, and plants. Some harmful fungi can live in the human body and cause fungal infection. Symptoms of some common fungal infections are itching and redness including peeling and cracking of your skin. You can choose the best antifungal cream for feet to get relief from your fungal issues. Some common types of fungal infections are as follows.

Athlete’s foot

A common fungal infection, athlete’s foot or TineaPedis affects the foot. This type of fungal infection is generally associated with athletes or sports. Warm and moist environmental conditions are always advantageous for the growth of fungi. Some common symptoms of this infection are:

  • Itching, burning or stinging sensations within the infected area
  • Redness with blisters on the affected area
  • Cracking or peeling skin
  • Infected skin becomes soft and starts to breakdown

Usually, the doctors examine the existence of fungus in your itchy feet by scraping scaling off and microscopic inspection of it. An antifungal cream is an ideal option to treat the issues of athlete’s feet. You should have to take oral medication considering the severity of your fungal infection. Moreover, you should have to take care of your feet keeping the infected region dry and clean to prevent the fungal growth.


The common name of tineacruris is jock itch which is a fungal infection. This infection can spread through direct contact of the infected area. Some common symptoms of this type of infection are:

  • Redness in thigh, groin or buttock region
  • Itching, irritation, chafing with burning sensation of the infected area
  • Dry peeling, flaking or cracking of skin within the infected area

Tineacruris can be treated by using an antifungal cream. You should maintain hygienic condition and keep moisture free of the infected region to prevent the growth of fungus. You should wear loose fitting underwear of natural fibre like cotton.


Ringworm or tineacorporis is a common fungal infection which forms on the dead tissues of scalp, skin, and nails. Symptoms of this infection are:

  • Red, cracked or scaly skin
  • Itchy skin
  • The appearance of a ring-shaped rash on the infected area
  • Hair loss in case of scalp

Ringworm can spread through direct contact and it is highly communicable diseases. You can apply antifungal cream or medicated ointment to cure the issues of ringworm. You should have to maintain proper hygienic condition by keeping clean and dry of your infected region to prevent this type of fungal infection.

Nail fungal infection

Onychomycosis or tineaunguium is commonly known as nail infection. This fungal infection causes under or on the nail. Usually, toenails are affected by fungal infection than fingernails. You can choose Ketomac cream as one of the best antifungal creams to cure your nail fungal infection. There are some risk factors which can develop your nail fungal infection and these are:

  • Have the disease like diabetes
  • Have the issues like varicose veins, Raynaud’s disease, blood clot and peripheral artery disease due to poor blood circulation
  • Wearing of artificial nails
  • Have a nail injury
  • The habit of swimming in a public swimming area

So, the above-mentioned information will help you to stay away from fungal infection.


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