Jim Feldkamp – 3 Key Steps Governments Should Take to Fight Terrorism


Terrorism cause havoc to human life and property in any part of the world. Words can never describe the anguish and horror people experience when they see such senseless mayhem. There can never be any justification for the killing of innocent people for no fault of their own. This is why they go out of their way to condemn such acts. Even the governments in many countries do their utmost to prevents such atrocities from occurring. After all, in democracy, the ruling classes are answerable to those who elect them to power. However, they are not always successful in performing their duties to their citizens.

Jim Feldkamp – What steps should governments take to combat terrorism?

Jim Feldkamp is a popular law enforcement officer from Roseburg, Oregon. He is a former counterterrorism expert for the Federal Bureau of Investigations. He has many years of valuable experience in solving cases relating to such serious crimes. He is personally responsible who foils many acts of terror on American soil. This has led to the arrest and conviction of perpetrators of such atrocities. No wonder people from different backgrounds and ethnicities feel safe in his presence. He also has the distinction of serving in the military by performing the tasks of a Naval Flight Officer for 20 years. However, he is not type of person to rest on his laurels.

He says terrorism is a very complex issue which governments around the world need to address. The people in charge of administration need to study the underlining facts which give rise to such atrocities. It is foolish on their part to treat such acts a mere law and problem. They need to understand the root causes and resolve these issues accordingly. He suggests they take the following 3 important steps to eradicate this evil once and for all:

Look into the genuine grievances of certain sections of their society

In many countries, poverty and inequal distribution of the wealth are the primary cause of terrorism. Certain sections of society feel that people govern them are not do enough to economically uplift them. They complain that they don’t have adequate access to educational facilities and employment opportunities. As a result, they consider themselves marginalize from the majority. Their disenchantments give rise of such atrocities. Governments need to looks into such grievances.

Check the movements of extremist and fundamentalist groups

In many societies, there are certain groups of individuals with extremists, fundamentalists and radical views. These are the culprits who spread hate messages and create disharmony among various communities. Governments should monitor the activities of such people and apprehend them if necessary.

Strengthen the law enforcement agencies

Governments should take necessary steps to strengthen their law enforcement agencies to combat this menace. They should put in place adequate checks to ensure the police do misuse their powers. Such members of the security forces should be impartial when dealing with the members of the minority.

Terrorism is a threat to humanity. It comes from Jim Feldkamp that governments need to go the extra mile to protect their citizens from this menace. Keeping in mind the above 3 steps can help them to achieve their objective. This ensures the safety and security of their citizens.


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