Jim Feldkamp Explains The Job Responsibilities of Sports Consultants


Sports consultants are marketing experts who work for sports teams, professional athletes and corporations involved in sports. Sports consulting on a general note is the business of assisting a sports team function and run as a business. A sports consultant is accountable for working with sports program directors and athletes.

Jim Feldkamp talks about the responsibilities of sports consultants

Almost every type of sports these days requires a sport consultant. A sports consultant must have a good personal experience with a specific type of sport. Jim Feldkamp is the owner of JNF Consulting and is also a sports consultant. He is often regarded as the best public sport consultant and has been extensively recognized as a leader in the field of education and high school sports administration. Besides this he has also demonstrated other skills as well such as he has vast knowledge in strategic planning, organization and he has the ability to gel with subordinates and superiors. Jim is a man of high respectability and careful consideration and thus he is preferred by almost everyone.

As far the educational qualification of Jim is considered it is quite huge. He has been able to obtain Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University and has also obtained Master’s degree from Eastern Michigan University and Ed. Specialist Degree, Administration from Wayne State University. Being a sport consultant, Jim talks about their job responsibilities in general:

  • A sports consultant may need to network and market the services to international and local organizations working for athletics and sports.
  • It is the responsibility of the consultant to keep them up to date with the latest trends and changes in the field of sports such as sports and marketing developing.
  • A sports consultant must work together with strategic planners as well as other consultants and financial consultants, so as to develop a comprehensive strategy to manage numerous projects at the same time.
  • It is the responsibility of the sports consultant to sign contracts and agreements with other organizations, agencies, and sport teams working on same organizational goals. In addition, one can also train and hire new management staff for the agency.
  • Based on the necessity of the sports organization, the sports consultant will have to write and develop a suitable strategic plan. In addition, you will have to present reports to numerous management teams and boards for offering information on the proposed plans.

Jim Feldkamp as a sport consultant says that they watch a business function rather than watching their favorite team play out there on the field. This is why sports consulting have become such an important part of sports. Sports consulting not only focus on team development, but also on site management, public relations, government regulations and many other vital areas. Achieving all that can become overwhelming and this is where sports consulting can assist. In order to know more about sports consultants and how the consulting is carried out one can consult with Jim right away.


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