Learn Some of the Interesting Things about Vidmate


Do you have prior experience in using Vidmate? Well, there is a chance that you may know about the origin of vidmate. Many people across the world use this app because of its easier way to download videos from multiple websites and share them for the amazing offline viewing experience. However, many of the vidmate users are unaware of its origin, features, and benefits of usage. This post is dedicated for those people who wish to know everything about the vidmate.

Origin of the vidmate

Did you know that Alibaba group is highly responsible for the creation of the vidmate application? Actually, vidmate developed by its company called UCWeb. The app becomes extremely popular in India because of its people who have a great love for movies and other multimedia content. This is the major reasons for vidmate become an indeed product of the India. UCWeb founded as the mobile browser maker in China by the year 2004.

Over the years, the company expanded and grew in many areas, which includes mobile reading, mobile gaming, and mobile search. In the year 2014, the merge of UCWeb and Alibaba group has been established. UCWeb developed many other applications apart from vidmate, which are successfully running in the market. Some of them are UC share, videomate, 9apps, UC browser, and so on.

Impressive features make vidmate popular in the global market

When you have already used vidmate, you must be known about the following features. However, some people are still unaware of these features as they are not able to use the app to its fullest. Take a quick rundown on the following features of the Vidmate, which make the application still stand in the top position even after many streaming applications arrived in the global marketplace.

  • Renders downloads of movies, videos, and various multimedia content without any restrictions
  • Comes with the straightforward and intelligent user interface so that users can easily search and navigate to their content
  • Offers an updated list of music and movies and thus users need not look further for downloading the latest content
  • Provides multimedia content in several languages, which includes English, Marathi, Hindi, Telugu, and much more
  • Renders a wide range of download speed, quality, and sizes
  • Has a huge library of music and videos, which suits the needs of all kinds of users
  • Provides impressive and lightning fast download capacities
  • Shares live TV series and show from a wide collection of channels

How to download videos using vidmate

Do you not know how to download videos using vidmate? Well, go through the below mentioned steps How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca.

    • Firstly, users need to open the vidmate application available on their device
    • Next, browse the desired video from the list of suggested and popular videos available on the home screen of the app
    • For a specific video, you can make use of the search bar and enter the content tile
  • Once you have found your content, click on the download button after choosing the video size and quantity in which you wish to download


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