Leasing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Space: The Pros


Several decades of experience have approved leasing as the best approach for building a new lab space for all tenants- right from small biotech companies to international life science firms. It doesn’t matter the amount of cash you intend to invest, as this approach is extremely affordable.

Advantages of leasing
•    A good financing source- Leasing is often viewed as an excellent financing source as it’s far much cheaper than the cost of ownership. For instance, most profitable companies might find conventional financing more expensive to get, while a pharmacist may be more interested in signing a lease with them.
•    Positioning- Leasing a pharmaceutical space can allow you to occupy space at a strategic location you couldn’t afford to own directly.
•    Liquidity and cash resources- If you’re planning to set up a pharmaceutical center and don’t have enough cash to purchase your own space, then you may want to consider leasing from a reputable firm. Leasing often requires less capital than ownership alternatives, enabling you to save enough cash to invest in other expansion opportunities.
•    Flexibility- A lease’s expiration date gives you a clear insight of the specific times by which to organize and re-evaluate your real estate needs. Because of this, leasing provides exceptional flexibility to people who might need to expand a facility or wants to relocate.
•    Tax benefits- The costs of occupancy associated with leasing are typically easier to budget and forecast. Whilst some of them may expose you to minor capital expenditures, most of them allow you to escape unforeseen capital costs like replacement expenses, structural repairs, and parking lot costs.
•    Focus- Leasing pharmaceutical manufacturing spaces enables you to fully concentrate on your main business without the interference of property management issues which come along with ownership.

Most importantly, choose a team of professionals to avoid making expensive mistakes in future. Once the location is established, go ahead and create a design based on the ultimate plan of construction you already made. It’s critical to have the formulated design reviewed by a highly skilled engineer. There are several standards which can be applied to dramatically improve the financial price and better the end result.

Go for cost-effective options

Due to huge monthly expenses, it’s imperative to consider the initial cost of building the pharmaceutical facility as well as the ongoing charge for equipment when making your choice. Go for cheaper medical options which can minimize utility expenses as much as possible. Existing lab build-outs can be more affordable to lease but could also have reached the end of their useful life. Remember, all systems should be comprehensively inspected prior to occupancy. It’s also advisable to budget for any potential repairs.

Since pharmaceutical labs are built for long-term use, you should consider looking for experienced vendors who clearly understand the significance of clean room environments and durable materials to tolerate spillage and intense operation of constructing systems. Determine the specific type and size of the staff you’ll need to begin the business and don’t forget to estimate your prospective growth timeline. So, be careful when choosing a pharmaceutical manufacturing space for lease if you want to survive in this completive industry.


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