LG Televisions and Indian Market


The Korean electronics and home appliances giant LG (Lucky-GoldStar) has become a trusted brand when it comes to televisions in India. The Indian electronics market has witnessed many televisions from this company with different price ranges and plethora of sizes. One can see LG’s common 32-inch television to a 4K Ultra High Definition in the market and showrooms.

The Growth of the brand

This brand came in the year 1958 and focused on the manufacturing of Radios and TVs. In addition, today, the LG has become one of the leading names in the domain of television markets. LG televisions are best known for its amazing video and audio quality that a user experiences.

The company has launched a wide range of models from which the user can choose the appropriate TV as per the specific requirement and the price range that the user can manage to afford. LG has set milestones in the television industry by introducing the LG OLED SUPER HDR TV with an astonishing thickness of just 6.6 mm. It also offers deep colour contrast, one billion colours and rich sound quality.

The company presented a perfectly black screen, which gives a vibrant colour feel to the viewers. This is also accompanied by the mesmerizing audio by Dolby Atmos and flawless video by the Dolby Vision, which adds the cherry on the top.

Also, the big TV screen further enhances the user experience. By this model, one can predict the quality of audio and video quality and the richness of TV experiences that LG serves the consumer base.

The Prices

The prize range is updated constantly with the latest modification in list done on 24th April 2018. The price list of LG television sets is compiled from 10 online retailers in India.

LG offers a plethora of models with particular specifications such as the number of HDMI ports, number of USB ports, screen size, resolution, type of TV (plasma, LCD, LED), display etc.

The starting range of the LG televisions is just under Rs 10,000 and it goes above 500000 rupees. The most common TV sets by this giant used by the Indian consumers are the 32 inch LG 32LH576D HD LED, LG 32LH564A 32 inch HD Ready TV which is under 24,000 rupees.

Amongst its competitors who have launched their products at comparatively higher prices, LG offers an economical range of models with the optimum quality of the products, which makes it a trusted and favourite name when it comes to the Indian television market.


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