List Of Kurti Types That Are Hard To Resist


Monochrome corporate co-ords are too boring to wear every weekday and Punjabi suits are too preppy to wear every day. But Indian traditional dresses have a saviour in their quota which is internationally known as ‘Kurti’.

Buy fancy kurtis or formal ones, they will never fail you in any case. They are the best beauty oozers when matched with complementary accessories and jewellery. Our Bollywood beauties and designers also revamped this traditional staple which now can be twisted and worn according to your own mood and style statement.

Kurtis is definitely the most loved and & adopted attire of any women. Be it our fashion icon Sonam Kapoor or highest paid business paparazzi, especially cotton Kurtis online provide the best laid-back look even in the season’s most hot day.

In the fashion world, you may across various types of kurtis, where it is difficult to decide which one will suit you. Every kurti has a unique style to boost your persona. Check out the list of kurti types with a touch of contemporary. And do not forget to add a pinch of their own creative minds to it.
Roll on…

Tail Cut Kurti

You can call it an asymmetrical as well where the kurtis have a long tail. You can easily differentiate a high low cotton kurti online and an asymmetrical kurti. The major length is a bit longer than the traditional kurtis and thus can be worn at cocktail parties as well as an ethnic day in the office. They spiff up your style instantly. This kurti style has been trending for the last few seasons.

Regardless age and complexion, women with tall stature can wear this look without any doubt. If you are attending any formal event, this won’t be a good pick but for a special occasion such as a blind date.

High Low Kurti

Asymmetrical kurti is a big category under which many types of kurtis fall. High-low kurtis just comes under this category, another variant like tail cut kurtis. They have a straight hemline and to your wonder, this type doesn’t have a proper definition.

This type will suit young to middle-aged women and to your wonder, this can complement all body types. Wear them with leggings (full or ankle length or printed), jeggings and treggings.

Flared Kurti

The best part of having a flared kurti is that you can have them at both formal and informal setups. Now swing in both ways with this chic and elegant get and get oodles of compliments from your peers and relatives. The hemline of flared kurti opens up on both the sides which provide a little bounce to the outfit as well. Women with tall stature and the slender figure can accentuate the outfit with tribal jewellery or oxidised trinkets.

Kaftan Style Kurti

Kaftan style kurti is the most comfortable type among them and can be worn by any women. It camouflages the unflattering flab but if you have a sleek body, you can also don this without a drop of hesitation.


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