Make her happy by a simple text


How many times have you got up with a sweet message from your girlfriend?  Didn’t it make you feel good? The joy of having someone who thinks of you as they wake up is unexplainable. It’s not just the receiving part. Surprise your lover by sending her a cute message and brighten up her day. There are many girls who expect some beautiful messages from their men,but on the opposite side hardly a few men can understand the importance of such messages and write effective messages. On the opposite side, many males love to send such messages to their girls but do not have such skill and clue that can help them to create such messages. One can just check a few of the messages on different sites on the platform of the internet and copy some of them to send them to the mobile of his girl. Such a message can help the girl to wake up with a smile on her face and start the day afresh.

Here is a list of good morning messages, simply send one of these today and then get ready for her endless love.

1) I am so lucky to have you in my life. You are my sweetheart and the best person I have ever met.

2) You have impacted my life so much. Thank you for bearing with me. I cannot live without you.

3) You are my future and my life. I love calling you mine. Wake up, so I can love my baby.

4) Listen, baby; you are all I have ever wanted. My heart belongs to you my lucky charm. Good morning and thank you for making my life better.

5) My pumpkin, wake up so that I can kiss your forehead. I will always love you and will always be by your side.

6) I miss you. I miss our fights, our conversations, I miss everything about you. Hope to see you soon. Good morning!

7) Listen, you have made me selfish. I can’t,and I won’t ever share my sugar pie with anyone. You’re only mine. Good morning. Start your day with happiness.

8) Are you from heaven? Because you have come as an angel to my life. I love you to moon and back.

9) I wish I could see you right now. I would probably be kissing you instead of missing you. I will come to meet you soon. I love you!

10) Wake up; Iwant to hear your voice. I am missing you so much right now.

11) You are all I have got. You’re my life,andI will keep you safe in my heart. I love you my wifey.

12) I want to be close to you. You are my world. I have imagined my tomorrows with you.

13) Hey baby, do you realise how much you mean to me? You have made my life a heaven. I want to hold your hand and let my heartbeat say it all.

14) You have brought happiness to my life. I love you so very much my sugar candy.


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