Onglyza & Heart failure


The anti-diabetic medicine called Onglyza had been designed to help the individuals suffering from high blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar level is achievable with the help of this drug as it reduces the glucose levels in the human body by obstructing the pancreas to release much Glucose. However, as much as effective it may be in its functions, ​​onglyza​​ has very strong ill-effects that do some major harm to the body, some of which are even fatal by nature. Thus, the facility of filing a medical lawsuit​​ is an option that patient or their family has in case of persisting injuries as a result of this destructive medicine.

The concept of congestive Heart Failure

The Congestive Heart Failure is a situation when the heart experiences sever congestion i.e. a situation where heart becomes so very weak that it is unable to pump blood properly. The bottom portion of the heart in an instance of heart failure finds it difficult to pump out the entire of the incoming blood. This is a situation that calls for a quick death. It is due to the fact that when the blood backs up, it can go as far as the lungs causing lung congestion and on the other hand, the body tissues also fall short of oxygen. This definitely becomes fatal quickly.

Heart Failure & its symptoms

There are certain medical conditions that do not mandatorily have prominent symptoms. It can almost strike all of a sudden without any prior knowledge of the patient. However, congestive heart failures often times do show over week symptoms ranging from weight gain, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, feeling of breathlessness, fainting, chest pain, lower body swelling, excessive urination etc.

There have been several reports that have established the fact that the patient’s death has been caused by congestive heart failure due to the intake of the drug ​​onglyza​​. But, if the symptoms are detected early enough, the medical condition of congestive heart failure is treatable both by surgery as well as required medicine.

The Increasing rate of Heart Failure due to Onglyza

The congestive heart failure is one among the most serious fatal medical condition that is often triggered by the intake of this drug called Onglyza. It has been in existence since the year 2009, once it had been approved by the FDA. But, even back then it was FDA’s special instructions that all diabetes related drugs must mandatorily be examined for the risks of heart problem before they are spread into the market. However, the AstraZeneca did not bother to do so, they remained oblivious of this fatal side effect and in the process kept both the doctors and as a consequence the patients in the dark. It was in 2015 that the experts of the FDA recommended the addition of a warning to the label that would address the probability of risk of heart failure due to Onglyza. This recommendation was based on the report that there had been an increase of around 27% in the rate of first time hospitalization due to heart failure.


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