Parc Esta: What You Need to Know About the Project


So many people want to live in the best possible place in Singapore, and only a few seem to score the great sites. There is always that tiny little detail that leaves our families or us not that happy about the place where we lay our heads after a hard day of work or study. It may be the amenities, the lack of a particular service, or simply just how far is home from everything else. There are a lot of real estate developments happening in Singapore right now, and a lot of people are looking to sell their old places to score a brand new unit on these new projects. The Parc Esta Condo is one of them it just may be the perfect fit for your family.

Firsthand Details

Parc Esta is the new development by MCL located in Eunos. The project is to be developed on leased land with a cycle of 99 years singed over by the government. The Housing and Urban Development Company administered the lot until recently, and they had a plan for affordable housing that never came to fruition for lack of funding. This precedent didn’t seem to affect the initiative of current leaseholders who saw the lot as an opportunity to bring life into Eunos by creating a state-of-the-art housing project that surpasses the goals of the original. The best twist so far that has been revealed is that the current price of the units is meager and low to honor to some extent the original intent for the lot of lands.

The Advantages of Location

Parc Esta is located close to the Eunos MRT station, and the project is located precisely at one kilometer from the main village of Eunos, making the access to public transportation to the place comfortable and straightforward. The connection with the East Coast MRT stations makes it pretty easy to get anywhere using the Pan Island Expressway or the Central Expressway. The Parc Esta Condo it’s pretty close to some very high profile educational facilities such as Haig  School, and the Tanjong Katong School, both facilities are aimed explicitly for girls, and they are regarded as pricey by the average Singaporean. Luckily there are also a lot of options that are fair priced but might need some research before signing up with them.

Amenities and Services

As far as planning stages go, almost all the details about the size of the project and planned amenities are out there regarding Parc Esta. To summarize we can tell you that the final project will have 1399 units divided among six main buildings, four walk-up apartments and 255 mansionettes that will be built on the original site of construction. Although the condo will be made with room for commercial outlets, there are a lot of local businesses that will be favored by the presence of such a lavish condo such as the commercial center located in Paya Lebar square and the fresh food centers located in the Geylang Serai Market.

So there you have it! Hope these tidbits help you make up your mind if you are planning to invest.


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