Perfect Things to Do in Your Amsterdam Tour


Amsterdam is the place where thousands of tourists visit every year and they find solace in this crowded yet peaceful city. If you are a travel enthusiast then at least once in life you have to go for a Private tour in Amsterdam and you will find an endless list of perfect things to do in here.

From the sightseeing to the nightlife all are filled with so much fun and you will find the serenity in the alleys of Amsterdam. You can visit the restaurants to the artistic Jordan and get lost in the splendor of European culture. Here we have listed some good things for you.

  1. Get a bike

If you love exploring the streets and the nook and corner of the city you are visiting then, you must hire a bike and roam around all day long. Cycling in Amsterdam is a well-known thing to do, and the routes are plain, so you won’t face any hike. Also, this thing is very safe in this city, and you can get the feel of becoming a local too!

  • Check the houseboat museum

This is the most unique type of museum you have ever found anywhere else in the world. These houseboats are found in the Amsterdam canals, and although these are small, you can visit the stuff from inside the boat and it will always be a unique experience.

  • Visit the catboat

This is a very amazing part of Amsterdam tour that you will get to visit the floating animal shelters. These are called the pozenboats and if you love animals, especially cats, you will get to visit the cute animals inside the boats. The felines are really friendly and the visit is always free of charge, but if you want to make donations, then it’s always welcome.

  • Visit the streets of Jordan

This is the artistic place in Amsterdam and you can always wander around here, by foot or by a cycle. This is the place where the art galleries are situated, and you will find some good restaurants here as well. From here you can quench your shopping desires too.

  • Visit the Albert Cuyp market

This place has a rich history of trading and here you can watch the local playing instruments and selling goods. The most important thing is to be found here is the foods, clothes, souvenirs and some other things. If you are having a private tour then this is the place you must visit. You can get all the fresh fish and meat from here and vegetables too.

  • Ferry to Amsterdam north

Many tourists venture to the north side of Amsterdam and this is where the central station is situated. Here you will get to experience the rich culture of the place and the best food with drinks. If you are visiting at the time of festivals, this place gets filled with various fun items.

  • Visit the Anne Frank museum

This is one of the historic sites in Amsterdam and you must once visit this place. This is a permanent exhibition of the ‘Secret annex’ of the world war period. You will get to experience the horror of the Second World War from this place.

  • Taste the herring

There are so many herring carts around the city and you can have a bite of the same. You can get a sandwich with pickles and onions. Also, if you are visiting from May to July then you will find the best taste of herring.

  • The independent shopping streets

This is another perk of having a private tour that is you get to visit the independent shopping streets of Amsterdam. This place is known as ‘The nine streets’, and these are made of cobbles. From this place, you will get to buy boutiques, vintage things, dresses, and handmade cosmetics. If you are looking for fewer crowds then this location is the perfect one.

  1. Beer tasting at the windmill

This place is not just a windmill, but it’s a microbrewery which consists of an outdoor drinking terrace. You can get a 30 minute guided tour in here, and the beer from here is really tasty.

You can also find the best Turkish, and local restaurants, and don’t forget to have the taste of the famous foods from those places. Also, make sure to take note of the above-mentioned points and you will not miss the special places and things to do in Amsterdam.


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