Pick Strawberries!


National Pick Strawberries Day, which happens every 20th of May each year, meaning the strawberry-picking season is coming up soon! With the peak picking months are May and June, it is best to discuss the nutrients and health benefits that strawberries offer.

Aside from its gorgeous appearance and mouthwatering taste, strawberries have many nutrients that can contribute greatly to your health. By nature, fruits and vegetables have a compact of health nutrients.

Essential Nutrients of Strawberries

The red fruits like strawberries are typically full-packed of nutrients such as the antioxidant carotenoid lycopene as well as anthocyanin’s. Lycopene is popular for pushing out free radicals from your body. The free radicals are the contaminants that could possibly deteriorate your body system. Hence, they will cause you critical health issues like cardiovascular disease and cancer.

  • Vitamin C

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. The latter helps you in protecting your immune system against any form of common illnesses. It also works to build strong and healthy eyes and joints.

Pregnant women should eat foods with vitamin C because they aid the body in absorbing iron and protecting your tissues from damage.

  • Vitamin K

It is one of the factors for the enzyme and plays a vital role in helping the blood clot. Thus, it helps in preventing your body from excessive bleeding.

  • Vitamin B2

It is responsible for keeping your blood cells healthy and helping you boosts your energy level. It also facilitates for a healthy metabolism and prevents free radical.

  • Vitamin B5

It aids the body system to transform food into energy that is essential for a healthy living.

  • Vitamin B6

Just like all other kinds of Vitamin B complex, it helps in the major functions of the body system that include blood flow, energy dissipation, memory, and movement.

Other kinds of health nutrients that can be found in strawberries include potassium, omega fatty acids, magnesium, and copper. Moreover, strawberries can also block receptors that caused pain in your body just like how aspirin does. So, when you have a headache, you can get for fresh strawberries instead of any medicine.

It is also best that you patch and pick your own strawberries to ensure that they fresh and not artificially produced.

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