Planning on visiting Lima? Here’s what you need to know


The capital of Peru – Lima is a fast growing city with rich historical legacy and finest modern amenities. Its valuable history makes the place more attractive and prominent. It is also called the ‘City of the Kings’ because of its varied culture and natural beauty. According to the official data, Lima is the home to 8.5 million residents which makes-up around 30% of Peru population.

Every year tourists from across the globe visit Lima to explore its beauty. And, among them, many prefer city tour Lima because that’s the best way to explore this city.

If you’re planning on being here any time soon, then let us introduce you to the city’s unique culture. From early days, Lima was considered as a stopover on the way to Peru, but from past years, it has become a prime tourist place.

Here are some places and things which you must try while in Lima.

1- Book a mansion in Miraflores

The downtown district of Peru – Miraflores is made of all whitewashed walls with amazing architectural designs. Autor Estancia, the new lodge is also a lovely place to stay and enjoy the mansion’s beauty. Never miss the chance to experience the royal life by living in the mansion. The majestic rooms of the mansion with RV air conditioners will keep you comfortable during your entire stay.

2- Foodies are welcomed to taste the gourmet Amazonian River Snail

Whether you know it or not! But Lima dominates the South American list of best fifty places to get the best variety of foods. Chef Pedro Schiaffino uses the types of bonkers plus ingredients to prepare the giant Amazonian River Snail. And, to feed your curiosity, it is served in shell.

  1. Find solace in the San Francisco Monastery

If you start to feel tired from all the hustle and chaos of the city life; you can visit the oasis of the peace – The Monastery of San Francisco, Lima. The breathtaking architecture and fine religious carvings are a sight for sore eyes. It’s just the place where you can peace and quiet.

4- Go paragliding for a dose of adventure

Take a ride over the capital cities of Lima and enjoy the amazing views from the sky. The paragliding course will make you travel the city and get incredible sights of Costa Verde.

5 – Make a visit to Larco Museum

A trip to Lima will be incomplete without a visit to the Larco Museum visit. The privately owned museum houses the ancient sculpture and pre-Columbian art forms. It is housed in the 18th century vice-royal building.

6 – Dance with the craziest band in Peru

Dance your heart out like there’s no tomorrow! Tap your feet to the beats of the local band, Dengue Dengue Dengue’s art pop electronica-Amazonia mash-up. The band behind the weird mask will give you the chills and thrills you expect from a foreign land. It is a famous band in Peru.

A trip to this incredibly rich city is sure to be a worthwhile experience if you planned everything right. Stick to the aforementioned tips and you’re sure to reminisce the moment spent here for a lifetime.