Post-Operative Care Tips for Bariatric Surgery


Any type of weight loss surgery (such as laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy), the journey of a patient can’t be declared as completed after the finishing of the procedure. All of these procedures features an important recovery time and it is essential for the patients to understand what they should follow. Following a surgery, a patient is primarily recovered in the Post-operative care unit. If everything is all right, the patient will be then transferred to a regular hospital ward or room.

Some important aspects regarding post-operative care of bariatric surgery are as follows:

Physical Activity

After the completion of the surgery, physical activity is crucial for fast recovery as well as for effective weight loss. Such activity is helpful in preventing various health issues including blood clots, pneumonia, and constipation that are some common issues seen in the patients with bariatric surgery.

The fundamental exercise program initiates the day following the surgery including walks in a hall. Patients are recommended to wear compressions for the initial 2-3 days after the surgery for preventing blood clots in the legs’ veins.

Nutritional Intake

The clinical dietician will provide the bariatric surgery patients with a post-surgery diet plan. Patients are requested to consume small bites, munch their food appropriately, and swallow it in a slow manner.

During the Hospital Stay

Clear liquids’ Oral Intake may be primarily 30 to 60 mls per hour. While patients start tolerating well, they might be encouraged to take at least 150 – 200 mls each waking hour. It continues following the discharge for the first week. However, it is very important to consult the doctor in every phase.

After Discharging from the Hospital

During the first week, patients are advised to be on clear liquids for one week. From the second week, they can take full nourishing liquids, such as two high protein drink shakes. Fat-free yogurt and sugar-free pudding are frequently added to the diet list in this phase.

During the third and fourth week, patients can take protein rich pureed food accompanied by high protein drinks. They can take pureed food of one to two ounces in every three hours. It is recommended that they should not consume water or any liquid 30 minutes prior and after their eating. Intake of water is essential, particularly after every 30 minute in the middle of the meals. For the next phase diet, patients should consult the dietician at the first follow-up.

The patients of bariatric surgery are advised to avoid alcohol and tobacco consumption. Multiple studies suggest that alcohol is involved with a high risk of weight gain, however, it is still a debatable topic. It will be better and safe if the patients avoid any type of alcohol consumption (till date). If you prefer some changes in your diet plan, then consult your dietician but don’t do any change on your own.

You may have various questions on your mind regarding bariatric surgery and you need to resolve your queries by an experienced doctor in this field. If you want to know about the best bariatric surgery hospital in india, you can perform a search on the internet.