Pros and Cons of Da Buddha Vaporizer

Pros and cons of Da Buddha Vaporizer

Before you buy your first Da Buddha vaporizer, let us review Da Buddha vaporizer for you. You can visit some online store to learn about Da Buddha vaporizer price. This is without a doubt one of the best stationary vaporizers currently available on the market.            


Makers of this vaporizer are known for making units that are very reliable and the design is also cool. Silver Surfer is another product by the same company.

Manufacturing quality

Let’s discuss the strong points of the Da Buddha Vaporizer. Manufacturing quality is excellent. This vaporizer looks absolutely beautiful and trendy as well. They have used high-quality material to make sturdy components. When you are buying this vaporizer, you will get a carrying case as well. Da Buddha vaporizer price is not that high. There is a nicely cushioned hem bag that comes with a lot of pockets. This vaporizer has some glass parts. So, handle it with care. However, these glass parts are replaceable which are pretty affordable. You need not to be a technically inclined guy to replace these parts.

Temperature settings

Let’s talk about weak points of this vaporizer. This might disappoint you. This vaporizer comes with no temperature display. There is a dial on the unit. You can set temperature by turning this dial. There are no temperature levels on the dial. This unit will make you do a lot of guesswork. The highest temperature is too high. So, be careful when you are turning up the dial. When it comes to temperature flexibility, the score will be 6.5 out of 10.


Let’s talk about the lack of options. You can use this unit with the hose or whip. There is no other option available to you. However, it allows you to diffuse essential oils directly. This unit is at the low end when it comes to options.   


Unlike temperature settings and options, the speed of this unit is not going to disappoint you. This unit can reach the medium temperature just in 40-50 seconds. So, this unit is very convenient to use. Da Buddha vaporizer is also easy to set-up. Load botanicals into the glass wand which is at the bottom of the whip. Now insert it into the unit. Fill up to 15% to 30% of the chamber. This unit is easy and fast for short operating. So, this time the score will be 8 out of 10.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality is more than satisfactory. However, there is a room for improvement. This unit produces thick and dense vapor at around medium heat. At the higher temperature, this unit will fall short in blowing you away. Vapor will taste a bit harsh.             

So, shall you buy this unit? We have listed and described the pros and cons of the unit. The choice is yours.


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