Role of Biotechnology in Improving Human Health


Biotechnology has been known as the process of using microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast or enzymes to develop a product. The products are popularly used in the field of medicine and agriculture in the form of vaccines, enzymes, hormones, antibiotics, etc.

Biotech companies are also known as pharmaceutical companies that specialize in producing quality products such as hypoallergenic, natural and chemical. All products manufactured by these companies are FDA (Food and Drug Association)approved which means these products are safe to use. The companies and their manufacturing facilities are of high standards and all processes are FDA approved which means that the products are manufactured in a clean and safe environment without any contamination. There are many biotech companies involved in the industry making it robust and competitive but only the best biotechnology companies make it to the forefront of the industry.

Biotechnology contributes much towards the growing health needs of the public. It provides proper diagnostics, and effective prevention and treatment measures. However, health, life quality, and expectancy have drastically improved with the services being offered by biotechnology. Parasitic and infectious diseases have been diagnosed at a faster with a relatively lower cost. Biotechnology has also provided diagnostic kits, bacterial and viral vaccines along with biological therapeutics for imaging and analysis. These vaccines used have eliminated smallpox, polio and other deadly diseases over the last several years.

Biotechnology regarding health improvement

Biotech has been known for the various methods and techniques used to derive Heath products to cure and treat various diseases. The hottest biotechnology companies use the following methods to treat illnesses effectively.

Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular diagnostic tools are advancement in modern biotechnology and sketch diseases faster. It consists of advanced techniques like PCR, Monoclonal antibodies, and microarrays. These techniques are simple, fast and cost-effective.

Recombinant therapeutic protein

It is a combination of five different organisms that are currently used in the process to produce recombinant therapeutic proteins. These proteins are useful in promising treatment against complex diseases.

Vaccines and delivery of vaccines

Vaccination is a method by which vaccines are administered. Smallpox has been eliminated worldwide through vaccinations, and it has been helpful in looming the removal of polio. Severe types of vaccines have made advancement due to the adequate progress of biotechnology. The principle of vaccines is simple usage; it stimulates the patient’s immune system against any virus or bacteria without causing the disease itself. The delivery method of these vaccines has improved along with its use, and the most common practice is that of an injection

Nutrients enriched genetically modified food

Nutrients are vital to every function of life and deficiency of nutrients causes impairment in physical and cognitive functioning. To overcome these deficiencies biotechnology has made its advancement with nutrients enriched genetically modified food and this process introduces new genes and traits into crops more precisely than traditional breeding. The industry of biotechnology has been making its efforts to produce best products such as Vitamin A rice, GMO milk, etc. to curb nutrient deficiency in humans.

With such advancement, it is easy to say that the biotechnology industry has made its improvements and through its use of modern technology it has not only helped in curing diseases cost effectively but has also contributed to improved human health conditions.


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