Saree Hacks- For getting a Flawless Look!!


Flaunting those endless feminine curves can never be so much alluring in any other attire than a designer saree. Be it a friend’s wedding reception or any other festive occasion – a saree can and will be regarded as evergreen attire.With just few days left for your friend’s wedding, it’s time you set on a saree shopping spree to sport that svelte look!

But before you stock your closet with the latest yet elegant and classy sarees, there are few hacks which you must keep handy-:

Fabric That Makes You Look ‘FAB’

There are different fabrics which are seen while we go for shopping a saree. Like georgette and chiffon are chosen for accentuating those ‘chic’ and gorgeous curves whereas silk and cotton are chosen for skinny physique.The main reason for keeping an eye on your designer sarees fabric is to make you look ‘fab’ and stylish in every occasion you go.

Hence, you should prefer to choose fabrics that are light-weight and easy to carry off well in any drape style you wear.

Drape that Makes Everyone Fall For

We all know that a saree can be worn in different styles. But its real perfection is defined by the beautiful fall of the ‘pallu’ and neat arrangement of the front ‘pleats’. There are a number of style to drape a saree so you can adorn depending on your stature.  For example, a Gujarati or Marwari drape style has the most embroidered part of the ‘pallu’ on the front , indo-western or cocktail saree will complete its look when other elements are added to it like a belt or coat over the saree, it can add more interest to your appeal.

 So, choose a drape style for your designer saree, keeping in mind the most or least embroidered part to get a complete eye-catchy and classy look.

Button Blouses for Modern Bellies

If you are going to wear a plain linen saree then a well stitched blouse with few inches deep at the back will be right to add that extra bit of oomph to that sexy saree of yours.

Accessories to accessorize your look

Be it for an office or reception party or any other festive day – just adding a jhumka and bindi refines and redefines your individualistic look in a saree. If you are not too much found of accessories then don’t you worry because even with minimal accessories you can look stylish and sober without being too gaudy. For example, if you are wearing a Bengali cotton saree then don’t forget to add those big bindi which will be add on to your attire.

If you keep in mind these small hacks, then surely you are going to flaunt your appeal in style.


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