Siberian husky: Things First Time Buyers Should Know


Have you ever thought about owning a dog? It is really a special feeling when you have a pooch at home. You get a friend for life. No matter you are going through a hard phase of life or you have the best time of your year; your furry fellow is right next to you. Different people have their different preferences when it comes to dog breeds.

Some love Siberian Husky Dog while other prefers Labradors and so on. Every single breed has its own charm and speciality. Dogs have their traits and features. Talking specifically about Siberian husky, it is loved by many families. If you have never heard much about this dog but you are planning to have in near future; then you should definitely go through the points that should be on the table of first time buyers. Following aspects of this breed would nicely acquaint you with this breed. Haveall look below:

Distinct looks

 The huskies are really handsome and well-balanced dogs. These are robust in their looks and give a powerful frame. Some of the dogs do have some patterns on their head. There are colour dots on them too that are usually in black, gray and red and brown. The almond shaped eyes are really piercing and strong. You can find a meaning in their eyes. Similarly their chin always stays up and confident and jaws are firm too. Talking about their coat, it is thick, but the fur stays near to body and can be in several of shades. Male huskies are naturally bigger than the female huskies. Both female and male huskies look absolutely stunning.

If you are too much concerned about the coat of this breed then it might give you a deep understanding.  Coat of Siberian husky is available in all shades ranging from pure white to black, and even with or without patterns on head. The face mask and underbody of these dogs are characteristically white. you can opt for mixtures like black and white, red and white, gray and white,  sable and white, red-orange coupled with black tips and much more. If you go for solid coat shades then can be like brown, wolf-gray, dark gray, silver and even white.

Quite challenging to train

If you are sure that you can train your husky or get it trained then it’s great. But otherwise, it might get little tricky for you to train your Siberian husky. These dogs are quite difficult to please.  The dogs are extremely intelligent but the dog is not as keen to please his humans as other dog breeds. Husky dogs can do the best in the company of well experienced and qualified trainers.  These trainers know how to get the most out of the breed. Similarly, there have been instances wherein some dog trainers have seen that these Siberian huskies have really a stubborn approach at times. They learn things and do the commanded things in a training environment but once they are home; they don’t react on any commands. It means they intentionally avoid training at home or when they are not feeling like learning. Otherwise, the dog breed is really intelligent and can move mountains.

Keep them restrained

If you think that your husky buddy won’t climb the wall and run away then you are wrong. Escaping is like a time pass for them. Whenever they feel bored or tedium; they literally run away in freedom.  The breed has actually made a reputation for running away from the residence if given the chance.   Many of such stunning dogs have also been wounded or lost forever as a result of their deeds.  There is no need to understand their potential.  These huskies can effortlessly jump fences, overthrow tie-out chains, crawl under these, slip the collars, and can perform other horrible deeds to free themselves from custody. The point is to have a good fencing at home. When you know that you are going to have a husky soon, make sure that you have made all the arrangements of fence and so on.

Easily get bored

If you think that you would go on world and have evenings out and your husky would stay happily at home then you are wrong. You have to bring some excitement in his life too. These Siberian huskies are fond of physical activities. If you are taking them out for walks, runs and many other physical activities; you would find a spark in their mood otherwise; you might end up making them bored. Remember if you are a lover of runs and fitness then these fellows can become your perfect companion. If you have kids at home that are really energetic and always bouncy and full of high spirit; the husky can have a good time with them.He would easily become a part of the activity going on and play with the kids too. However, if you are thinking that your husky would bark and alert you whenever there is something fishy going on out there then you are wrong. These are really relaxed dogs and don’t really bother to bark. One thing that you should underline about this breed is that they feel really hot. You cannot expect them to live happily in a season that is really hot and warm. Similarly, if it is quite hot outside, the huskies might hesitate to take part in physical activities.

Their hair is an additional plus

These huskies are double-coated with medium-size hair. The uppermost coat is straight whereas the undercoat is silky, soft and dense. Certainly, your husky would have so much of hair, and can do a lot of shedding chiefly during spring and fall season when these dogs blow the coats.  However if you live in a hill station or comparatively colder area; your husky might shed less hair.

Thus, check out husky dog price and take one home. These huskies are absolutely adorable and heart winning. Since you know much about them now; you can give your husky a wonderful welcome.


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