Smoking is more than just cigarettes


Not too long-ago smoking was something that involved a cigarette, and that was pretty much the end of the story. But the reality is that fashions come and go. Before the cigarette was ubiquitous it was the pipe that was puffed in a genteel fashion by those who enjoyed their tobacco. In more recent times the cigarette has become increasingly unpopular as it has been overtaken by other trends and fashions.

And, as the world has seemingly become smaller through the wonders of travel and the internet, the means of consuming tobacco from other countries have rapidly spread across borders and cultures. If you are struggling to keep up with the ways you can smoke, here are a few examples you might want to try out.

Old school is cool

Ask anyone who was around in the sixties and they will say one of the best ways to sate your desires is with a bong. This is a tubular like filtration device that is commonly used for smoking marijuana or tobacco. And they are easy to find. A quick online search for a phrase like ‘cheap glass bongs will quickly show you where to buy one of these devices. It is a bit like a hubbly but a little more hardcore. Typically speaking it is also not something that you would use in public.


The demise of the cigarette has seen the vape come to the fore. As health warnings on cigarette packets and restrictions on advertising took their toll on the cigarette industry, something needed to fill the vacuum that it left. Enter the vape and the electronic cigarette as a whole new generation opened themselves up to the world of social smoking with fewer (apparently) negative health effects.


For a long time, cigars were the domain of the elite, and, to a certain extent they still retain an aura of wealth. But cigars, like whiskey and gin, are increasingly becoming mainstream, with selections of Cuban cigars and other hand-rolled masterpieces being sold at restaurants and bars to those who want to round their meal off in style with a great tasting smoking experience.

Cuban cigars may still be illegal in the United States of America, but they are now readily available elsewhere in the world where they are best enjoyed in the company of an expert who can talk you through the flavours, history and nuances of each product.

Social vibes

The hubbly bubbly, shisha or Hookah is a very social way of smoking. Similar to the bong it is a water filtered device that may come with a single stem or with multiple stems. It is a very social way of smoking although it is no less dangerous than cigarettes. The Hookah can dispense any type of substance from tobacco to opium, with these instruments once common in opium dens. Many restaurants, typically those with an eastern flavour, will have hubbly bubblies on the tables or available as an option to choose from the menu. Enjoy!


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