Some Delicious Biryani Dishes


Biryani is one of the hugely popular and most-loved rice dishes. The word “Biryani” has come from the Persian word “Berian” that means “fried before cooking”.

Across India, you can find out different types of biriyani prepared their unique regional style but motivated from the Mughal cuisine. It has become a special dish and without it, all celebrations, parties, and weddings remain incomplete.

The difference between a biriyani and pulao is thatbiriyani is prepared with lots more spices and spice powders, whereas, pulao is prepared with a handful of spices only.

Yogurt is not used in pulao, on the other hand, most of the biriyani recipes make use of yogurt, specifically those ones prepared with meat that helps in tenderizing the mutton or chicken. The quality of basmati rice, spices, and saffron lend unique and extraordinary flavors to this dish. Therefore, it is very important to use premium and pure quality spices.

Veg Biryani Restaurant Style: It is a popular one-pot preparation similar to a dish you can discover in Indian restaurants. It is very delicious as well as aromatic dish. This recipe includes masala powder and fresh ground masala paste. You can find out a simple version of this recipe without compromising its aroma and taste. You can search for veg biryani recipe in marathi on different websites.

Ambur Chicken Biryani: It is among the most prominent South Indian varieties of biryani. Ambur is nestled in Vellore district of TamilNadu that is very famous for the star biryani. You can discover outlets of Ambur biryani in various South Indian cities, such as Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. This biryani is predominantly prepared with mutton, however, you can also find out a version made with chicken.

Egg Roast Biryani: You probably know that egg roast is among the most fundamental egg recipes from Kerala cuisine. The egg roast biriyani is one delicious and unique biryani. The gravy of this biryani is prepared in the same manner like the Kerala egg roast but the quantity of spice is high in this case. You can make this biryani easily.

The authentic recipe for egg roast biryani needs a different type of fragrant rice, called Jeerakasala rice or khaima rice that is prominently used in various parts of Kerala to prepare biryani. The distinctive aroma in the egg roast biryani comes from this Jeerakasala rice accompanied with the freshly ground spices. Egg roast biryani goes well with onion slices or raita.

Awadhi Chicken Biryani: Delicacies of Awadhi cuisine is expected to be highly inspired by the Awadh’sNawabs, who were based on the Persian origin. Their royal preparations were delicious and aromatic. Those dishes were flavoured with herbs, nuts, spices, saffron, and plant extracts. The famous Lucknow city is famous for the Awadhi foods, such as Shamikabab, Shahi korma, Murghmusallam, Biryani, and Seekhkabab.

Awadhi biryani is not same as the Hyderabadi biryani and they are different in terms of flavours and taste.

You can learn the aforementioned and other different types of biryani recipes by following various recipe websites.


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