Step by Step Carpet Dry Cleaning Process from Carpet Cleaning Expert


The difference of dry cleaning the carpet from steam cleaning is that this process utilizes only a very small quantity of water. Even though steam cleaning is very effective, there might be some cases where dry cleaning is the more apt one. The process of dry carpet cleaning by one the best carpet cleaning service in Melbourne is explained in simple steps

  • First, the carpet vacuumed to remove all the dry dust and soil particles
  • Then water along with an absorbent compound is sprinkled on the carpet
  • Stain effected areas are treated separately to remove the stain as well as the odor
  • Then a mechanized brush is used to dissolve all the dirt including stains
  • And finally, a vacuum cleaner is used to clean all the materials on the carpet

The dry-cleaning system not only cleans the carpet but also restores the chemical composition of the carpet. After all the processes grooming of the carpet is done to ensure great looks and finish.

Benefits of Carpet Dry Cleaning

  • You will be able to walk on the carpet right after the cleaning process is completed
  • Dry cleaning restores the original chemical balance of the carpet
  • Removes almost all stains without damaging the fibers
  • Avoids stretching or shrinking of the carpet piece
  • Removes fungi, bacteria, and germs and prevents their future growth
  • Removes all the unpleasant odors and Imparts a fresh fragrance

Both dry cleaning and steam cleaning has its benefits. So, it is recommended to take professional advice on which method to adopt. The Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne is one of the best carpet cleaning services to take advice from. They make use of the best chemicals, well-trained people and equipment for both steam and dry-cleaning methods

Compared to Steam Cleaning, Dry Cleaning Differs in The Below

  • Make use of 90% less water which ensures quick dry
  • Breaks down oily stains
  • Won’t leave any chemical residue behind

It is always recommended to hire experts to do such jobs as they guarantee 100% cleanliness, output, and satisfaction. Once you have experienced the service of professionals like the Carpet cleaning in Melbourne, you won’t even think of hiring anyone else to do the job next time.


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