Style and fashion and its importance in the society


The importance of fashion and style in the current society is indeed underrated. In fact the manner in which we look and dress up is definitely the first impression that others will have on us. To give others a pleasant good impression is likely to have us in a manner which fits our style. Personal style indeed is an excellent means to help us express who we are and also what we stand for. The best part is we can have fun with our fashion. It is vital for us to show other people a good appearance which we invest in ourselves. This means our attire must not be extremely narrow as it will indicate a bad impression which will indeed be unpleasant for us. Besides our clothes must not be too baggy or loose as this will make us look sloppy. Not to forget our make-up and hair at the same time are vital parts of our appearance. Our hair should be combed neatly and our make-up must not be too strong but subtle. The fact is we need to invest both effort and time into how we dress for best results.

It is our style and fashion that allows people to know as to whether we are actually serious or not. In fact the manner in which we dress up during a job interview will speak volumes to the employer regarding whether we can become a good employee. Wearing a T-shirt or a short-shirt during an interview is a big NO. This will show how unprofessional we are.

The significance of fashion jewellery  and style in the current society is extremely crucial to ensure that we look our best as we are not aware of who is keeping a watch on us. The idea is to wear the best clothes, jewelry  as well as put our best foot forward. For instance when we meet a person for the very first time the first and foremost thing that they will notice about us is how we look like. In fact they will make assumptions regarding us based on what we wear and definitely we wish them in getting the right idea. Fashion and style is much more than merely looking good but it is about how we express ourselves to people and revealing them about our individuality.

Fashion is definitely not a new concept as this is found everywhere. Although it has changed over the years but it has shown its survival in all ages. Fashion conjures myriad forms of images in various people’s mind. No matter our impression on fashion undoubtedly it plays a crucial role in society. Every single day we are judged by our attire and appearance. And this judgement can be negative or positive resting on the ideologies, perception and beliefs. For creating the right first impression indeed it is essential for us to dress in such a manner which makes us look smart as well as compliments other features of our body and face. The fact is to invest in fashion clothing & jewellery  indicates to invest in ourselves.


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