Tasks and advantages of auto attendant feature in virtual number


Having business phone number is not a difficult task. You can get business number without any cost. It will be unique phone number and toll free for your all customers. Number of websites or applications is available on the internet that provide you business number easily and without charges. There are number of website that gives you business phone number freely with number of best features. One of best feature of business phone number provider is auto attendant or auto receptionist. In this case, you do not have to need for large number of employees for attending all calls.

Everyone has their own mobile phones. Especially people have smart phones that made their life much easier as everything is application based. If you want your business at peak point in the market, you must have to upload your business phone number on your webpage. People, who have their specific business, require a phone number for their business. That business phone number separates your personal calls and business calls. You will have idea which call has to attend at what time. Business phone number is only way that connects to you from your customer directly. Every customer will have any query related to your product and it is your responsibility to solve it immediately.

In the telecom industry, you will find many service providers for virtual phone number and buy virtual phone number from the one which has auto attendant feature. When a customer calls you, auto attendant will pick the call and customer will have to do self service. He or she has to press the number from keypad of his or her mobile phone. Press the number for service that you want and customer will also get immediately response. In auto attendant, you can set many features as per your need like greetings, voice menu, and routing rules.

Advantages of auto attendant are:

  • Call processing cost will be reduced
  • Customer may have better experience
  • A professional look to all type of business
  • All incoming calls will be managed effectively

Auto attendant will do following tasks for you so that you do not have need to hire more employees:

  • Greet all customers who call
  • Self service to all customers
  • Less involvement in call handling
  • Forwards the call to a group, voicemail, an employee, and playback purpose of the call which fulfill business rules.
  • Calling customer will get related information automatically by message

Except the auto attendant feature, you must also look for another features in virtual phone number:

Except the auto attendant, customer will get many unique and best facilities from business phone number services which are:

  • Customer greeting
  • Port existing number
  • Multiple extensions
  • High quality sound
  • Auto receptionist
  • Email request
  • Facebook and twitter messages
  • Call history
  • Call recording
  • Free talk up to 10000 minutes
  • Toll free
  • Call forwarding to any device
  • DND status
  • Permanent reports
  • No extra hardware needed
  • Dynamic task management
  • Voice mail and transcription
  • Call queues
  • Black list call routing
  • Conference calls
  • Visual call flow configuration
  • Use your existing phone
  • Mobile app for both android and iOS


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