The Best Diet Shakes for a Perfectmeal replacement


Weight is something that most people want to lose. The use of protein shakes appears to be the best diet shakes that helps someone to lose weight. The body jump-starts metabolism after losing weight by taking protein shakes twice a day. The body burns excess calories by meal replacement shake. Protein shakes are healthy for only a week’s time. Longer than a week, it should be under medical supervision. It’s not easy to maintain the weight loss from these shake diets although it’s the best diet shakes. This is because the weight loss is temporary.

Meal plan

There’s a variation in the food that a person is supposed to take during a protein shake diet. It is advisable to take in fiber-rich foods during this diet because they facilitate digestion and you experience less hunger. Leafy greens, eggs, legumes, whole grains, bulky vegetables and fish are some of the high-protein options that facilities digestion and prevent you from being hungry. This makes it the best diet shakes. It’s good to avoid alcohol during this diet. Also avoid bleached flour, artificial sugars, greasy foods, processed grains and cooking oils because they can clog up your system. It’s advisable to consume a lot of water while undertaking this diet which is the best diet shakes. Some diets entail alternating between shake days and fat flush days.

Sample meal plan

A sample meal plan may entail adding protein powder mix to water together with carbohydrates at 8 am. It’s also recommended to add fat separately rather than in the powder. Before lunch time at around 10 am, it’s advisable to take high fiber foods like raw fruits and vegetables with nuts or hummus.

At noon time it’s when you are required to take a full healthy meal to regain energy to keep you moving. It’s healthy to take a salad entailing chickpeas, avocados, spinach, sliced almonds, diced grilled chicken, cranberries and (or) salmon. This helps to boost the body’s energy and ensure a digestion is regular. At 3 pm its best when you take a small snack such as unsweetened yoghurt, handful of almonds or boiled eggs.

It’s advisable to take replacement protein shake at around 6 pm for dinner. Low sugar snacks like apples are good because of the high-fiber carbohydrates. This might help you have a fabulous sleep because the body produces melatonin and serotonin with the aid of carbohydrates which are crucial hormones for a good sleep at night.

Side effects

Feelings of dizziness and lightheadedness are a common experience under this diet. You may also expect; loose stool, stomach cramping, constipation, extreme fatigue, irritability and headaches. In some cases, though very rare, kidney stones might develop due to pure whey protein supplements. You are advised to scrutinize your protein shake content before intake because some protein shakes contain milk derivatives, artificial preservatives and artificial sweeteners which are harmful to the body. Vegan protein powder is a good alternative to whey protein if it doesn’t work for you. Pros and cons

The best diet shakes are high-protein and low-carbohydrates mixtures. This is according to a study done in 2005. Other researches recommend that soy-based formulas are better compared to milk-based ones due to their benefits. Weight loss from protein shakes is not sustainable. Therefore, your exercise routine, body type and weight loss goals may determine your weight. It’s possible to gain weight if you eat your regular meals together with protein shakes when you feel hungry.

Your period of this shakes diet may be uncomfortable due to increased bowel movements and dizziness among other side effects. Replacing meals on daily basis with proteins for extended periods guarantees you a miss out on crucial nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber. They are available in whole foods which can impede nutritional deficiencies.

It’s best when you seek guidance from a physician whenever you are planning to undertake a restrictive diet program. It’s your duty to know your sensitiveness and potential reactions before undertaking a weight loss program. Also, you should have the knowledge of the contents of the supplements. In case you experience adverse side, effects terminate the program instantly and take a fruit juice or any other quick digesting carbohydrate-drink and call the doctor immediately.


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