The Daedalus and Son delivery service.One time only.


Daedalus was feeling very pleased with himself. Not only had he escaped from a fiendish labyrinth, that he had created so he did have something of a head start, but he had managed to get home and make two sets of lovely wings. They were made from the feathers of assorted birds and were glued together with hard set wax. Daedalus was a clever person and he had factored in the necessary wings span and compared to the amount fo thrust and flapping that he and his son Icarus were going to need. He did admit that the jumping off a cliff part did require a leap of faith but he was sure that he’d got it right. His Son, Icarus was natural curious.

“Um, Dad why are we stood on the side of cliff with massive wings strapped to us?”

“Glad you asked son. This is our way off of Crete and over to Greece. We can start a new life over there. Maybe I could build another labyrinth…” started Daedalus.

“But, all my friends are her Dad and I was hoping to take Hera to a Vine leaves and Raki party. Why can’t we take the ferry like normal people” whined Icarus.

“Because the King has guards everywhere looking for me and you Icarus this is the only way. You’ll make loads of new friends on the mainland. Now do you know what to do? We…” but Daedalus was suddenly interrupted.

“Hello Mr Daedalus. Hello young Icarus. What you up to then? Fancy dress is it?”said a traditional old Cretan lady.

“Hello Widow Petrakis,” said Icarus, “Dad and I are going to try flying!”

“Really! To the mainland is it? Do you mind dropping this letter off? My usual Same day courier Slough is in Britain and I would go to but the internet hasn’t been invented yet”, said the hopeful Widow Petrakis.

“No problem!” replied Icarus sticking the letter in his belt, “Ok dad ready to go?”

“Yes. No remember Icarus I didn’t have time to write some instructions and you know what to do with instructions?” asked Daedalus

“Read the instructions even if you don’t follow them”, intoned a clearly bored Icarus who’d heard this many, many times.

“Don’t fly to close to the Sun, your wax will melt and the feather will fall out. You plunge into the sea and you know what a terrible swimmer you are. We don’t want some Greek tragedy do we?”.

“No Dad. Hey guess what! If this goes well maybe they name this stretch of water between Crete and Greece the Icaralusor the Daedcarus Sea or something?” said a beaming Icarus.

“Ok, 3, 2, 1. Go” and the two men swooped off into myth and history.


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