The diagnostic phase associated with a CT scan?


Before a visit to CT scan centre in Mumbai, you need to be aware more about the procedure in details. The basic purpose of a CT scan is that it goes on to rely on the use of X rays that works out to be a special type of radiation which goes on to take pictures of what happens inside your body. In a lot of ways it is similar to a plain X ray but it takes pictures of cross sections of your body instead of a single one. The chances are that you may be asked to drink a special liquid or a dye may be given during the course of the injection. In the scanner there is a round opening in the centre, with a flatbed where you can lay down. The moment you are lying down it will slowly open into the opening where the pictures are expected to be taken. This movement is being administered by the CT staff.

The benefits you can derive from a CT scan

  • This can be used to diagnose various parts of your body, such as bones, blood vessels, brains or the lungs
  • Instead of surgery you can go on to observe various parts of your body as well.
  • Though CT scans do not rely on the use of radiation, once the process is over no degree of radiation is left in your body
  • It is accurate, fast and a painless procedure

The risks you face with a CT scan

The doctor is pretty much aware of the risks that a CT scan will possess. They are going to evaluate all the risks before they suggest you to go for this scan. With regards to the risk it is as follows

  • It is not suggested to be used for pregnant woman
  • Only a small degree of radiation is being exposed. The degree of radiation would depend upon the amount of pictures that are taken with the whole portion of your body being subject to detailed examination
  • The chances of you developing cancer from radiation is remote in the long run

If you opt for an X ray dye then a risk in the form of allergic reaction like asthma, itching or vomiting could be felt. At the site of infection possibility of injection does exist. In case if you are really worried about the risks you need to discuss with your doctor about the examination.

The phase of preparation associated with a CT scan

  • You need to carry along with you the request form or a referral letter along with details of all X rays that have been taken in the last 2 years
  • You might have to leave the x rays with the radiology staff as the doctor might have to go through them. The staff will guide you on when they need to be picked up from the CT scan centres in Mumbai.
  • It is better that you wear comfortable and loose clothing.
  • All valuables along with jewellery are much better if you leave at home.

In case if you are having a dye the doctor may suggest that you do not eat or drink anything a few hours before the surgery is about to take place.

It becomes really important to discuss with your doctor in case if you are pregnant and if it is a dye discuss with the doctor about allergies along with various medical conditions and this could be in the form of heart disease, asthma or thyroid problems. It is better that you discuss with them any medications that you are taking.

Before the scan is about to take place you may be asked to wear a gown? If any metal objects are present in your body you might be asked to remove it as well. The onus is on you to refuse the examination if you feel so. For the examination to take place you might have to sign a consent form.

What generally happens during the course of the procedure?

You might be asked to lie still on the bed or flat on the stomach. With the help of pillows or straps you might be asked to remain still during the course of the procedure. The focus has to be to ensure that the patient is comfortable and if any movement is witnessed it could lead to blurred results.

There are some side effects of a dye that could emerge

  • A warm flushing or a burning sensation could be felt for a certain point of time
  • In the mouth you might feel a metallic taste
  • In some cases you might feel that you are wetting your pants, but this is not going to be the case anyways

In the other room the staff will be present. They are going to guide you at each and every stage of the process. You can interact with them at the same time.

The results and what happens after a scan

The exact time to obtain the results would depend upon the type of scan that is done. The radiology doctor will look on to the images and then prepare a report. This picture may be given to you on a CD or via a film. You need to ask them whether they are going to provide images to you or whether it will be send to your doctor or not. Then taken an appointment with your doctor as they might have to discuss the test results with you.

Once the CT scan is over you can start with your normal activities. If you have been part of a dye then the staff

  • Might have to take out the needle if it is in the arm
  • If any special instructions are to be given the staff will provide you
  • The dye is going to pass out from the body via urine. Being colourless you are not going to notice it as well.
  • It is suggested that you drink plenty of fluid so as to get out the dye


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