The importance of team values


Field hockey is one of the oldest team sports in the world, dating back an impressive 3,000 years. In this article we take a look at the importance of team values to arguably one of the oldest team sports in the world.

Creating the true team

It goes without saying that all great hockey teams have one thing in common, which is team chemistry. It is simply not enough to have skill and ability. Building a solid team foundation by employing strategies to promote positive team dynamics and optimise performance is an absolute must for success.

A common goal

A clear single purpose and goal that is well communicated is a must for the success of any team. Multiple agendas can have the opposite effect.

Total commitment

When there is a lack of commitment, teams can fall apart; therefore, commitment from each and every player is crucial. Such dedication is almost tangible to an audience.

Spend time together

Successful hockey team players are well coached and certainly benefit from professional and powerful tools, such as hockey drill videos from providers such as; however, it is not just about the time spent on the field. Being able to anticipate how team members will respond can only happen when they spend time together on and off the pitch.

Me, me, me!

Replacing ‘I’ with ‘we’ is one of the hardest challenges faced by a hockey coach as they guide their team towards its ultimate goal; however, the rewards of functioning as a team can be the difference between success and failure. Fortunately, there is a lot of help and advice available for coaches.

Lead the way

A team needs a leader, but only one. There are many ways to choose the best person for the job, such as the individual’s skills set, communication capabilities or player management ability. Having a leader who is skilled in all such areas is obviously a bonus!

Be the best

Any hockey team is made up of a group of players with specific skills, with each individual selected based on the skills they bring to both the field and to the team. Some of the most successful teams comprise high-performing players and productive collaborators; therefore, the team element is always at the heart of the game.


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