The Shirt Secret


The Shirt Secret – You’ll be wondering that what is there that we don’t know about the shirt and it’s a secret. Well, there are many types of the shirt and so many ways to wear them. Let us dive into some amazing Shirts’ style secrets.

Roll up the sleeves properly

Have you seen the shirts in which the inner side of the cuff has a different pattern and it is contrasting with the outer pattern? Well, those shirts’ sleeves are meant to be rolled up in a different way. Just pull the cuff of your shirt up till the elbow and then collapse the remaining part with the pattern. Make the pattern visible and you’re done. These shirts are specially made to roll up in a different way.

Stiff Collar

Always hunt for the stiff collar or the ‘Button Down Collar.’ Always try and look for the collars which are slim and stiff. That adds value to your shirt and makes you look professional. You always notice the face and then the neck region. And if the collar is not proper, there is no need to wear the shirt ‘so’ branded and ‘so’ stylish. Use the collar tape to keep your collar stiff.

Tuck In

Shirts which have the curve in the end near the waist region are to be kept untucked and those without the curves, are to be kept tucked in. If you keep them untucked, it looks so untidy and bad.

A Straight Line.


Not the actual neatness, but the creases make your shirt look untidy. Wearing a shirt without ironing it, is the worst thing someone does while wearing a shirt. It is essential to know the significance of ironing your clothes.

The Ironing Art

Well, as I said earlier, if you don’t iron your shirt properly, then there is no need to wear it. But if you are staying alone and you don’t know how to iron your shirt; then you need to learn the ironing art first. Here we go…

  1. Use the good quality steam iron.
  2. Start with the collars. (Inner and outer side, both)
  3. Then go to the cuffs. Make sure you dodge the buttons. Or else you’ll ruin the fine quality buttons with the heat.
  4. Then iron the front side. Iron in straight strokes dodging the buttons. Once done with the front side that has buttons, move on to the placket region that has buttoning slots.

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  1. Then move on to the Yoke of the Shirt. And then the whole back region.
  2. Well, make sure you don’t overheat any of the regions of the shirt or else your shirt is gone. After ironing it, make sure you hang the shirt for at least 5 minutes to cool it down. If you fold the shirt immediately after ironing it, then gentlemen, the creases are back again.

Well, this was all about the Shirt Secret. I hope you liked the article. Do leave a comment as your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Until next time, Happy Shirting and all the best for ‘Ironing.’


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