The subclass 190 Australian visa category


Australia subclass 190 visa is known to a state nominated point based visa that lets skilled workers work and live in Australia as a permanent resident for an indefinite period of time. In order to apply for this visa one needs to be nominated by a state or a territory of Australia. There is a point based system to apply for this visa and one needs to score 60 points on the Australian immigration point’s calculator subclass 190. Those who garner less than 60 points are not qualified to apply for this particular visa.

Factors for subclass 190

The factors on which the points are given on the points calculator for Australia subclass 190 are:

  • A candidate must get 30 points based on the age.
  • On the basis of English proficiency a candidate can get as much as 20 points.
  • 20 points are given for trained employment; in order to get these points one needs to be employed for atleast 20 hours in a full paid job every week in their field of vocation.
  • As much as 20 points are given for educational skills, on the basis of the candidate’s educational qualification.
  • 5 points can be given if one fulfils the study prerequisites of a nation. Which means that the applicant has got one an extra degree, diploma or any other degree from an educational organisation in Australia.

These are the factors that are important for getting the required points under the point calculator system of Australia for the subclass 190 visa. Except for this there are a few requirements that should be met to apply for this visa.

  • One should be skilled at an occupation involved in the consolidated skilled occupation list of Australia.
  • Should earn 60 points in total based on all the above mentioned factors.
  • An applicant should be under the age of 50.
  • Should have an IELTS score certificate.
  • Have work experience according to the state requirement.
  • Have state sponsorship or should have applied for it.
  • Should provide the required health and character certificates.

Once all the requirements are met then the applicant is invited to apply for the subclass 190 visa. A person is required to apply for the same within 60 days of receiving the invitation.


Subclass 190 is known to have a number of benefits like:

  • A person is free to live and work in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • Can study in Australia for full time at any grade of education; be it school, graduation, masters or vocational education.
  • Is applicable to get health care facilities.
  • Gets certain social security benefits.
  • Can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for a specific time.
  • Is free to sponsor an eligible family member for PR or temporary residency.

Subclass 190 visa has a lot of benefits only if one fulfils all the requirements and gets the required score.



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