The top Instagram accounts to follow for female fitness motivation


Sometimes it can be had to find the motivation to get up and go the gym even when you know you should. A lot of the time women are held back by a lack of self-confidence and a fear of looking like they don’t know what they are doing or being intimidated by a crowded weights area, especially if it is full of men. At times like these we look to Instagram for inspiration and there are so many amazing and inspirational women out there to encourage to build confidence, work hard and work out! A lot of these female trainers and coaches will provide free workouts and teach technique so you can smash it next time you go to the gym. So, put a pause on those online slot games, load up your Instagram, and check out this bad-ass ladies paving the way in the fitness industry.

  • Lilly Sabri

London-based Lily is one of our all-time favourite social media influencer and trainers. She is actually a qualified physiotherapist and as a result she knows the correct form and technique to prevent you from injuring yourself and she is very open and generous with sharing this information. She has a banging figure and is an all-round, genuinely lovely girl who kicks ass in the gym. Find her @lillysabri.

  • Chessie King

Next up is another London boss babe and this gorgeous gal is all about the body positivity. She doesn’t quite have that standard Instagram bod, but she looks amazing and isn’t afraid to shout about it. She loves to encourage girls to be confident in their own skin and not to feel self-conscious all the time but to instead love the body they are in. Get ready for some serious girl-power @chessiesking.

  • Karina Elle

We are crossing the pond to America for this next bikini model and fitness expert, Karina Elle. She has the body to die for and represents a more strong and athletic build. She shares amazing content and free workouts that you can follow along with which is perfect for those shy girls who don’t know their way around the gym. Check out this absolute goddess @karinaelle.

  • Maeve Madden

This Irish beauty is a former pro Irish dancer and model and is stunning inside and out. She draws a lot of awareness to digestive issues which she suffers from and despite having amazing workouts and food on her feed every day, she also encourages women to get checked out for stomach issues. She suffers from severe bloating from IBS and has written a book and how to beat the bloat. Get ready to be inspired @maeve_madden.

  • Whitney Simmons

Whitney Simmons is not only an absolute queen of the gym, but she is also hilarious and brings some relaxed fun to Instagram while helping us build our peaches. Her Instagram stories feature amazing workouts as well as her beloved pooch. Get to know her @whitneyysimmons.

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