TheTherapeutic Powers of Durga Paintings


In Hinduism, Goddess Durga holds an extremely special place. She is worshipped in different forms and is considered as the ultimate form of Shakti. Some people call her Gauri and some Kaali. Irrespective of the name by which she is addresses, she remains to be one of the most powerful deities in the Hindu religion. The name ‘Durga’ literally translates to ‘invincible’ in Sanskrit and the Goddess herself is nothing but invincible.

As the artists started getting a glimpse of her power and abilities, they started expressing it through the means of art and this is how the birth of Durga paintings happened. Painters have used their vast imagination and have shown different forms of this Goddess. Right from a calm posture which bestows blessings on her devotees to the anger-struck avatar that could destroy the universe, our beloved Goddess Durga has been depicted wonderfully in all kinds of artworks.

Why is Goddess Durga worshipped?
She is the symbol of Shakti and signifies the freedom from all kinds of evil like injustice, hatred and cruelty. She is worshipped in every form and manner, and there are various reasons because of which Goddess Durga is considered the supreme body in the Hindu religion. The biggest reason behind the massive belief of her followers is regarding the legend of ‘MahishasuraVadh’. The legend goes like Mahishasura, a demon, attacked the universe. Gods tried to stop him but even after a fight which continued for thousands of years, none of them was able to defeat him. Mahishasura was reigning terror on deities and humans alike. When none of them were able to gain control over this demon, then the holy trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva brought their energies together to create a force which will fight Mahishasura. Durga fought with him and killed him, therefore, freeing the world from the tyranny of the demon. Since then the Goddess is known as the destroyer of all evil.

If you happen to have a close look at Durga paintings, then most of the times you will find her adorning red clothes while riding on a lion or tiger. She has eight hands and all are armed with weapons except one which holds a lotus flower. Her red clothes denote her ferociousness in fighting the evil, and her arms are symbolic of her love and protection for her disciples.

Therapeutic power residing in Goddess Durga art:
Her devotees choose to adorn their houses and workplaces with the beautiful Durga art. We all have faced difficult times in our lives and the only thing which has helped us sail through the rough waves of turmoil then that has to be faith. Belief and faith are those two elements on which the entire edifice of religion stands. When we worship God, we get that feeling of contentment and happiness from within. There is no denial to the fact that worshipping the deities helps in calming our senses down. People who are hunting for tranquillity and peace in their lives often turn to Gods and Goddesses to seek their divine blessings.

One’s home and office is such a place where serenity is important. In order to achieve this, people choose to adorn their places with beautiful Goddess Durga paintings. She being the powerhouse of energy herself, ends up releasing the same vigour in the environment in which her presence lies. MaaDurga is known to bless her devotees and fulfil their wishes. Incorporating her in one’s space and inviting her into the house is a sure shot way of ensuring positivity and prosperity. A constant exposure to MaaDuga paintings can help in getting rid of possible problems and reaching at a higher spiritual level. The priests suggest that presence of the Goddess in any from or shape is bound to bring happiness and fortune in the longer run.