Things to check out when preparing for SAT


Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT is an exam you should take when you are in your 11th Grade. A lot of students are confused about the contents of the exam or the best time to take up the assessment test. A few tips will come in handy before you apply for SAT admissions.

  1. When to take up the SAT exam?

As per the college records, you must be taking your first SAT exam during the September – October months of your eleventh class. In case you are unhappy with your results and want to get a better score, you could take up the SAT exam during April – May or after your class eleven final exam. In case you end up getting a good score on SAT before you start class 12, then you could relax and concentrate only on your class 12 coaching.

  1. When to start preparing for the SAT exam?

For SAT coaching, you must choose between a very intense training schedule of about ten hours per week for two months. This is similar to that of a crash course. In case, you want to take it slow and gradual, you could study for a few hours every week spread across of a period of around six months. In case you choose the extended gradual period of study, you should start your preparations as soon as your 10th board exams are done. If you opt for the two-month course, the beginning of 11th grade is an excellent time to start preparing. These methods have been proven to be equally good; they will make a significant difference in your scores. Depending on your style of preparing for an exam and studying, you could opt for either of these courses to pass your SAT exam with flying colours. There are a lot of SAT coaching Hyderabad centres that will help you achieve this feat.

  1. Practice Sessions

You should take a mock SAT exam before your final SAT exam. Solve a lot of practice papers before your final exam. You should understand that the intensity of preparedness should be set according to the type of college you want to join. So set a target score, set a target college, and study accordingly. Your scores will reflect on how well you prepared to reach your targets set by you. The SAT preparation courses Hyderabad will ensure you are well equipped before you take up your SAT exam.

  1. Different Universities and their Requirements
  • The IVY League Universities

For admissions into colleges like Stanford and MIT, a very high score in SAT is recommended. The target score should be higher than 2250 to have a chance to get into these prestige colleges. Only the best can get into these colleges.

  • The Top-Tier Universities

Around half of the applicants are admitted into these universities. The scores need not be as strict as that required by the IVY League colleges but should be competitive enough to get into the best top-tier university.

  • Less Selective Universities

More than half of the applicants are granted admission into these universities. Your SAT score need not be too high. The preparation hence need not be that intense. Anyone can get into these universities.


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