Tips To Prepare Your Home For Sale


With the plethora of houses that are perennially up for sale, home buyers have become extremely choosy. They want nothing but the best. So it is likely that your home for sale may just slip through the cracks; particularly if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to get it into optimum sale condition.

Now is a good time to sell your property as the Home Loan Interest Rates Today are at their lowest in 4 years. Housing loans are affordable both for your prospective buyer and for you for buying your new home. That, combined with meticulous preparation of your home for sale, might just fetch you some good news; maybe even sooner than expected! Here are a few tips that would help you do just that.

Clear the clutter

There is a reason why you find this on most home prep checklists. A cluttered home represents a poorly maintained one. And, it also hides the features of your house and makes your rooms look smaller than they are. Buyers would be tempted to ask more questions than they usually would and you might run out of answers. Declutter your house completely before you put it up for sale. Sell some of the non-requisite and dispensable stuff. As a perk, the sale proceeds would likely cover your moving expenses.

Cleanse your house thoroughly

No, not how you clean it daily; not even how you clean it for special occasions. You need to clean your house to give it the closest resemblance to a house you’d find in an architectural digest. Every room, every nook, and corner of your house needs to be assigned equal importance and be thoroughly cleansed.

Make every surface shine. And don’t neglect the doors (it’s the first thing your visitors see)! The standard left-to-right, top-to-bottom cleaning method would do just good. The cleaner your house is, the more presentable it looks. And the greater its aesthetic appeal, the greater will be its monetary value.

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Make repairs and renovations

The property market is essentially a buyer’s market. So you want to ensure that the product you sell (your house, in this case), is in its optimum condition. Does the bathroom have a leaky ceiling? Is there a broken window in the kitchen? Well, it’s time you get those fixed! Buyers never like the idea of spending money on repairs and renovations given that they have already spent a fortune on buying the property. Some of you may be tempted to think that making these repairs would burn an unnecessary hole in your pocket. But on the contrary, repair costs would be offset by the value appreciation they would bring about and would more than recover themselves.

Create a good vibe

Once you have got the place in shape, spend some time creating a positive, warm aura around your house. And it doesn’t take much to do that too. Open your windows and curtains to bring in the fresh air and natural light. Place powerful bulbs throughout the space to give it a bright and vibrant feel. Also, clear any persisting odors. No one looks to live in a smelly house. Avoid cooking smelly foods like fish when you expect buyers to come to visit. Lightly scented candles would help too.

Quote the right price

Pricing your house appropriately probably doesn’t have much to do with the prep rituals. But if you don’t get this right, all your efforts would go down the drain. Almost every seller makes the mistake of quoting an exorbitant price right at the outset. The first 5 weeks of your house being in the market register maximum buyer activity.

Quoting an unreasonable price is more than likely to turn buyers and realtors off. You’d most likely be perceived as unserious about selling the property and unwilling to negotiate. The lack of market interest in your house would eventually reduce your house’s actual valuation and, as the situation gains urgency, you may actually have to sell your house at a price lower than its justified value. So unless you want to run the risk of keeping genuine buyers away from your property, and incur a valuation loss, price it right.

Following these preparation tips should eliminate any possibility of an undervalued sale. Apply them to the best of your ability and the results would certainly not disappoint you!

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