Top 6 Paneer Dishes That You Will Fall In Love With!


When it comes to food items, we Indians have a variety of them. We are blessed with a number of cuisines and with all sorts of flavours. The vegetarians and the non-vegetarians often have a fight over whose menus are more interesting. But luckily there is a long menu for the vegetarians as well as the non-vegetarians.

When it comes to vegetarian food, paneer becomes a very important dish. There are a number of paneer dishes that is widely consumed by people all over the country and in today’s article I am going to be listing out top 6 paneer recipes that are very easy to make and very yum to have.

  1. Palak paneer– Palakpaneer is probably one of the most common household paneer dishes. It is also very healthy because it uses spinach as its main ingredients. The curry uses thick gravy of ground spinach which is cooked with mild spices. This sums up to be the perfect blend of taste and health. You can easily find palak paneer recipe in hindi and English on the internet.
  2. Matar paneer– This too is very common and makes an amazing breakfast or dinner according to your own choice and preference. It uses green peas and paneer as its main ingredients. With winters in full swing, the markets are flooded with green peas. So, don’t miss on to the opportunity and make yourself this dish and treat yourself and your family.
  3. Paneer bhurji– This dish takes no preparation whatsoever and you will need the least time to prepare this dish. There are a number of recipes for this dish in the internet with their own variations. You could easily try anyone of them and have a sumptuous meal. The paneer basically minced and then cooked with other spices.
  4. Butter paneer– We all have known about butter chicken and also tasted it. The dish is very similar to butter chicken as it almost uses the same gravy. The curry uses thick gravy which is a mixture of cream and other spices. But the best part is the spoon full of butter that is added right in the end. This dish goes well with tandoori roti or roomali roti.
  5. Paneer chilli– If you wasn’t have a dry item for pane, maybe as a snack or a starter then this dish has to be your pick. This dish is like a desi Chinese dish which uses different kinds of sauces such as tomato sauce, soy sauce and chilli sauce. If you are a fan of capsicum, then you could also add sautéed capsicums. People also like adding other vegetables to it, but then it is totally up to you.
  6. Paneer tikka– Another paneer dish which is widely had as a snack or a starter. This needs some preparation as you need to marinate the paneer for a while. You will also need a tandoor, if you wish to prepare this at your home.

So, which is your favourite paneer dish?


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