Top Industries Using Rapid Prototyping Services


With so many rapid prototyping services in the market willing to work in an ever-increasing number of niches, it’s hard to tell which ones are the ones offering the latest technology and using updated engineering to handle all the procedures to build and create a product. Yes, we can say that the ones proving to be more reliable are the companies that can manage projects from the designs stages and craft out prototypes that fulfill every single need out of the blueprints and the specifications asked by their clients. A clean working manufacturing method is a sure-fire way to avoid any problem and the loss of money on the client’s behalf. To put it in laymen terms: The best prototyping services are the ones that take care of their customers.

The following is a list of the industries that have embraced rapid prototyping services to keep their companies running while offering high-quality products with improved performances:

The Automotive Industry

Most consumers or drivers don’t have a clear idea of how rapid prototyping services have improved the designs of cars over the last 20 years. By using new types of resins and metal alloys, most automotive companies have redesigned, recreated or repurposed almost every part of a motorized vehicle. The ongoing development of this technology is advancing as you read this with car models becoming obsolete practically yearly as new models are created after undergoing extreme testing. The most significant result so far registered? The increased safety features on most cars, motorcycles or transportation vehicles.

The Medical Field

The use of rapid prototyping services in the medical field has increased nearly 100% just in the last eight years because 3D printers can create quite a few pieces of custom-made designs destined to save lives. We are not merely talking about using the tech available to develop new appendages or prosthesis for disabled people. We are talking about designing tools able to create brand new pieces of equipment to reach where human hands can go to. Precise neurosurgery tools have been created using 3D printing services. The current research is studying the possibility of using flexible, non-rejectable materials to develop certain implants. Maybe one day we may be able to see organs created with these services!

Industrial Services

Take a moment to check how many things surrounding you are cast out in plastics or metals. From the mouse you use on your desktop, to the can of spray you use, almost all of these things are created using modern rapid prototyping services. Since the range of action of industrial services it’s so vast, we can talk freely about the multiple methods used to manufacture products in this niche. 3D design and printing are just a tiny part of the equation. A lot of products use custom-made materials, especially if they are acting as containers for time-sensitive chemicals. The use of metal molds is also very common when you are dealing with plastic encasing or stock parts. The advantage that many people have found by using rapid prototyping are time-related since the production and shipping of an item takes one-third of the time it used to take.

This is just but a tiny fraction of the industries using rapid prototyping services to provide solutions for their clients, there are still many more. If you need to know how your business niche can benefit from these services, consult with the service of your preference!


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