Top measures for an effective Inbound Call Strategy


We have been talking a lot about outsourcing, call centres, inbound, and outbound etc. But we haven’t talked much about the strategies that can make these services better and more effective.

In this piece of article, we are going to discuss some inbound strategies that will surely result effectively for businesses that outsource. But before we proceed ahead, let’s have a quick revision on what an inbound call is.

Inbound call

It’s a call made by a customer or a client for a specific purpose. The purpose of the call may be different. For example, enquiry about a product or service that you offer, having a problem using the product, to know the project status or could be anything. Whatever would be the purpose of the call, it’s important to know and attend it because the customer is actively getting in contact with your business.

As we have brushed up with the introduction of inbound call we can now proceed to know what measures should be taken for an effective strategy.

Tips to refine Inbound Call strategy

No business has ever become a success without a team. When the whole team works and put efforts then only a certain business’ objective is achieved. Similarly, the measures that I am going to explain shouldn’t be followed by just a specific person but the whole team needs to follow it. Let’s begin-

Clear call process

Once the phone rang, the agent should greet the customer with a warm welcome stating the company’s name to ensure a worm communication. Don’t forget to speak your name while opening the call. As an agent, you are supposed to follow a proper script and proceed with the same creating engagement with the client or customer.

Ask your customer or client what question he/she has or what problem he/she is facing and provide the accurate solution in the least possible time. The more time you will take, more monotonous the conversation will become. If you aren’t getting the solution to the customer’s problem then without taking any minute, transfer the call to a senior agent but first let your customer know about the same. A clear call process has a good impression on caller’s or customer’s mind.

Employ qualified agents only

Most of the business’ image takes a dip because of less educated and qualified agents. Because such agents are unable to understand the customer’s problem and can’t communicate well due to language incompetence. It’s quite obvious that until you understand the problem you can’t deliver the correct solution. When unqualified agents deliver a solution without understanding the problem, it’s always incorrect and imprints a bad image of the company. Therefore, it’s highly recommendable for businesses to hire only qualified agents for your call centre.

Voice channels for those who need it the most

When you provide a toll-free number on your website, people will unnecessarily call you. Even if they can find something on the website then also they would prefer calling you. Maybe it won’t be a big problem for big businesses but if you’re a small or mid-sized business then you certainly can’t handle the cost of calls and the time wasted on such tasks. Therefore, try to put your number below the call-to-action button or at the bottom of your page. This way you can save your precious time on dealing with more important calls.

Never make false promises

Most of the customers have been found to lose faith in businesses because of the fake promises that agents make to them. Often agents who make fake promises when they are unable to make sales or unable to find the correct solution to the customer’s problem. Later, when the promises are not kept or fulfilled, the customer trust is broken and he/she end up doing any business with the company. Hence, all of us should understand that whatever be the situation, we shouldn’t make fake promises.

Monitor every call

It is very important to find out who is answering the call and who isn’t. Monitoring and having a track of every call will not only help you know who is taking the call and who isn’t but also tell you about the performance of agents and how well they are performing so that further training can be provided. Additionally, you get to know how many calls have been answered and which calls have been missed so that later those customers whose call was missed can be traced and a proper follow up can be taken. Keeping a track of every call lets you know the areas where you need to work.

Final words

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of new marketing strategies, we have completely forgotten that precise inbound calls can still be effective if proper strategies are followed.


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