Types of services offered by medical billing companies


The professional medical billing companies do offer their clients with standard billing services at affordable rates. The services provided by these companies are likely to be similar across different companies. However, some variations can be noticed in the levels, the services are offered. Size and experience does play a significant role to determine, where exactly the variations might lie.

Some basic services offered by the biggest medical billing companies

  • Carrier follow-up: This is considered to be an integral part related to the medical billing industry and the most significant aspect. Medical billing service quality often is defined by the kind of follow-up made to apply for claims. It is also likely to have major impact upon reimbursement to be availed. It is only through proper and timely follow-up that the medical billing companies are in a position to isolate such claims which otherwise might go partially paid or completely unpaid. They work closely with the carrier and the provider to ensure that the necessary resubmission and edits are clean.
  • Generation and submission of claims: Claim generation tends to include patient demographic entry, insurance, the information of which is then entered within the medical billing software. The process to send this data to carriers; be it through paper mail submission or electronic clearing house is termed claims submission. The latter medical billing services is said to apply over one ‘scrubber’ to claims. Scrubbers are stated to be quality assurance checks associated with procedural and diagnosis codes for mismatches or errors that are integrated typically within the premium medical billing programs.
  • Practice Reporting & Analysis: Now, there is possible report generation using any type of medical billing software. But with what depth and how often the medical billing service company will offer such reports are a question. The reports are likely to offer crucial information on avenues related to improvement in practice like cost savings, growth directions and ways to enhance profitability. Reporting significance also cannot be overstated to monitor the heath of medical practice. There should be provided monthly reports. The experienced and knowledgeable medical billing services in USA can come up with recommendations as to how profitability can be made by the practice.
  • Secondary, Tertiary, Workers’ compensation claims: They are regarded to be special claims which generally need special consideration as well handling, since they entail additional documentation. At times, the service providers could get bogged down with the minute details that will be necessary to make such unique claims. The medical providers are not experienced with it and nor have the preparedness level, something that the medical billing company can.
  • Patient support and invoicing: According to the experts, patient invoicing is quite a detailed process. It will enhance significantly practice revenue when performed correctly. Balancing accounts, stuffing envelopes, printing statements and applying postage is likely to consume a good amount of time. After patient statement submission, anyone might have questions pertaining to their bills. The reputed medical billing company does have the infrastructure that can support all patient inquiries and take that customer oriented approach. This in turn will impact positively on the practice and take it to greater heights, so as to enjoy better reparation and popularity among patients.

Overall, the different scurvies offered by the professionals are very much beneficial and a real necessity.


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