Ultimate Video Phone for Elder People


If you love your grandparents, but you cannot meet them for a long time, then you can gift them Konner Smart Phones. The Konner phones are ultimate for the elder people. This device is best for your grandparents to use and talk with you face to face without any issue. At Kinnekt.com you can purchase this phone for your grandparents, and you can talk to them anytime you want. With the big screen and loud sound, your grandparents can easily hear and see you with one touch calling feature. This phone is the incredibly ultimate for elder people whose vision is low and cannot hear the low sound. By giving your grandparents, this phone will give you ease of mind that they are healthy and not facing any health-related issue.

If your grandparents in an emergency you need any health-related help, then they can connect with you in the simple one touching call which is great for you and your grandparents. This is a very effective way to check about the stress and poor health of the grandparents with the help of most trusted video phone calling which is Konner. At Konnekt you can buy the world’s best video phone for the elder people who have a disability with losing hearing and low vision. This is best for those elder people which is facing the disability of dementia, depression risk, etc. The Konner phones also win the award winner for the best and ages care product for elder people at ITAC 2017.

Features of Konner phone:

•    Auto Answer: With this phone, you can take control of your grandparents which face the issue of disability, dementia and in any kind of emergency. You can easily check on them using the 2 way of video and sound.

•    Huge Buttons: The buttons of this phone is very large so that your grandparents can easily use this video phone and call you without any trouble. This gives them self-esteem that they can use the technology too without taking help from you and anyone in the house.

•    Extra Loud: In this phone, your grandparents can hear you very loudly so that they can recognize your voice. This videophone is great for grandparents, and you can also hear their low voice even in a proper way. For using this phone, your grandparents can easily access this platform.

•    No skills required: In this video phones, your grandparents don’t need any kind of password, logins for calling you. With one touch they can easily access to call you without any trouble, and with large icons, they can call you without any hassle.

•    One press connects: This is a great phone for simple video phone for elderly people with easy connect. Once they click on the video phone icon, then they will automatically connect you, and you can watch them through your phone, and they can also watch you with the help of Konner phone.


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