Useful Delivery Benefits of Amazon Prime


Amazon or is itself a big name in the online shopping industry in India. There are near about 200000 orders are placed in a day all over the India by the happy customers of Amazon. There are many reasons behind the success story of this company in India. Before they shifted their business from online e-book selling to online shopping industry, they did the survey work strongly all over the country and seek-out the real problems and little issues with online shopping market.

After releasing the Prime it has some extra boost from the customer’s end to sell their product more safely and in a huge scale. Here in this article I’m going to state about some useful benefits you can surely have by subscribing the Amazon Prime. You can use your mobile application to view all the advantages and disadvantages of that service or you can search out for Amazon customer care number and email ids to call then and get all the information about it but if you are not a tech savvy people then this article can help you a lot.

All the present Prime member and use to take advantage of 2-day shipping and delivery system and they can have more than 100 million products by search but there is another delivery advantage which is the most attractive in this sector. Let’s have a look at those offers.

One-Day Delivery and One-Day Shipment

More than 8,000 towns and cities, you can put in an order for at any rate Rs 2000 before the cutoff time (regularly twelve), and your stuff will land before 9 p.m. that day or the following. Simply search for the FREE Same-Day or FREE One-Day logos. Check your ZIP Code to see whether you are qualified.

Release Date Delivery

If you want to be the first holder of some product on its release day then Prime has an excellent offer for you. You just have to gather all the information about the products like mobile phone, smart-phones, video games, other electronic gadgets even movie tickets and let the Prime officials know about it. Your product will be at your door step on that day.

Earn Shopping Rewards

You can earn many shopping reward points by ordering products from Amazon Prime and after getting much point you can have attracting products by spending those earned points. This is a great opportunity to get you needful appliances without spending money for it.

Receive Products in Home without Your Presence

You have to go for your special work or have a surprise task to do on the same day of product delivery, what to do? You don’t need to cancel your works or delivery order. All the needful responsibility will be taken by the Amazon officials. They’ll inform you first then ask you to assist with the product and some safe place where they can leave the package for you.

There are many other benefits in Amazon Prime but these are the most attractive one to have. So, if you are going to book for subscription then I must say you to definitely go for it and grab the offers.


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