Using Dbol – A knowhow


Users can get to see the results of using dbol within a span of 3 weeks if used properly. Despite being a potent supplement, it is also economically at the very reach of a common man. It can also be used in combination with other steroids. It has   shown to increase anaerobicglycosis which increases lactic acid buildup in the body. The muscles use this to form glycogen which provides energy in anaerobic metabolism. Studies showed that Dbol works wonders on Osteoporosis in increasing total body calcium and potassium. For body builders, this is very important as it carries huge amount of amino acids and creatine, the two most pivotal elements for body building. Dianabol aids in nitrogen retention in the body. Nitrogen is a pivotal element present in protein, the essential muscle building block. Without protein, all the hard-hitting Gym routine would go vain. Hence, Dbol with its nitrogen retention capacity has found home in many bodybuilders’ bodies.Dbol comes in pill form.

What do the studies say? Here is a knowhow

dbol comes in pill form. Ever since it’s introduced in the market, it has been a center point of researches. There were many studies in the UK in 1975 by Manchester and other universities who found that a small dose of 20mg resulted in surprising results. It enhanced the performance levels of athletes to the maximum level. No wonder why it is called “the breakfast of champions.”

How it can be used? As a matter of fact, Dbol is used only in the first few weeks of the cycle. The results are so impressive that you would want to stop using it after a short cycle. Despite this, the gains are hard. To start with you can take 25mg of tablet twice or thrice a day. Experts say that weight lifters can easily lift 50 kg more of what was lifted before using Dbol. An experienced user can use this along with injectable cycle for greater gains.

Side effects: Dbol does not have much of side effects if used under proper medical guidance. But certain effects must be considered.

Liver: Just like other steroids, Dbol also has its negative effect on the Liver. It is the duty of the Liver to breakdown complex chemicals like steroids. But years of continuous use makes Liver incompetent of its natural asset.

Cardiovascular problems: Some people may experience cardiovascular problems because of Dbol’s ability to increase weight. A rapid increase in weight results in cardiovascular inefficiency over a longer period. Steroids are normally known to increase heart rate and blood pressure.

Reproductive system: Over usage of this drug results in Testoterone getting converted into Estrogen. Estrogen in men causes fatigue and loss of muscles. This in turn affects the Prostrate gland.

Though there are side effects, Dianabol can be effectively used if combined with good dietary supplements and exercise regimen. To avoid side effects, one needs to take lot of water. This water emits out all the excess toxins and by products of Dianabol.


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