What Are Natural and Organic Products and How to Steer Clear from Ordinary Products?


If you thought going green with your beauty regime is easy, then you couldn’t be more wrong. With so many industry terminologies, labels and buzzwords, it’s really difficult to figure out what is actually present in the skin care products you intend to buy. And if they are actually as green as they claim to be. Some of the most common jargons used in this field are organic and natural. These are basically words used for the purpose of marketing. But that doesn’t mean they hold no water. To be honest, you can safely believe that opting for green alternatives is a better option than going for completely chemical based cosmetics.

  • Natural cosmetics- So, your friend uses a natural face cleanser for oily skin, or any other natural product for that matter. Have you ever wondered why? Well, people who are sensitive to using chemical-based cosmetics, often look for natural products. This is the wisest thing to do, being a cosmetic buyer. After all, natural products are going to cause much less harm than products with synthetic ingredients. Although not every ingredient present in a natural cosmetic product is going to be natural, it is going to offer your skin or hair more effective care than chemical-based products. Sadly, in lot of countries, products that claim to be natural are not regulated by any governing body. And there are lots of companies that put this to their advantage. There are brands that claim themselves to be natural even if there are only a handful of natural ingredients in their products. This is definitely morally incorrect and it can never be ethical to trick people into buying products with misleading labels. But you can avoid being taken advantage of by simply being a little prudent in this aspect. When a product claims to be natural, you must turn the bottle to look at it ingredients. If you see a lot of chemicals in it and you realize that the number of synthetic ingredients used in the product is higher than natural ingredients used, then it would be wise of you to put the product back on the shelf.
  • Organic cosmetics- Now, let’s look at what organic cosmetic products are. Organic is basically a word used for ingredients that are prepared and grown in the absence of antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. And because the use of the word ‘organic’ on product labels is highly regulated, no snake oil seller can use it to their advantage.

Yes, you might not find a product made exclusively of organic ingredients, but you can always look at the percentage of organic ingredients used in it. Many regulatory bodies make it mandatory for brands to at least use 70 to 90 % of organic ingredients in their products to bag that organic tag. And that’s good news for sure. But for desired results, you should always buy your products from a reliable seller. So, whether you want the best organic facial cleanser for sensitive skin or a natural shampoo, you should purchase it from a reputed seller or brand.


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