What can you find on the Deep Web?


The deep web is estimated to be 500 times bigger than the surface web which we surf in our daily life. So, what makes the deep web so big and so different from the surface web?

Confusing, isn’t it?

Today, we will find the answer to this question and we will be finding out what can you find on the deep web?

Most of the things that you will find on the deep web are illegal and we are not promoting any
illegal activity as this list is just for research purposes.

Things that you will find on the deep web

  • Credit cards

    You can buy tons of credit card details for online transactions from blackhat hackers in the deep web and trusted markets like Dream Market. They sell stolen such credit card details at high prices on deep web. Buying and selling of such credit card details is completely illegal and this illegal activity can definitely put you behind the bars. So, it is highly recommended to stay away from these things.

  • Match fixing

    You will find many dark websites where you can take part in match-fixing which is another illegal thing and you should stay away from it.

  • Hackers

    You can find a lot of hackers on the deep web who can hack any account for the money. You can hire any such hackers and make them hack anything.

  • Thiefs

    It is pretty weird but you can find thieves on the internet who will steal stuff from any place for you. They send the product to you via delivery after stealing it from the owner.

  • Weapons

    Yes, you can even buy weapons from deep web. This can be a pistol or even an assault rifle. It is very risky to buy any such weapon or ammo from the deep web but hundreds of people buy such weapons on daily basis. Later on, these guns are used in illegal activities and murders.

  • Drugs

    Drugs are the most purchased items on the deep web. There are many websites which allow you to buy any type of drugs and they will smuggle it to your home address. The most famous website for drug dealing is called silkroad. It is another illegal activity to smuggle drugs and we highly warn you to stay away from these things.

  • Government secrets

    Yes, you can even find government secrets on the deep web. Although, it is very hard to find such details and it requires a lot of research and knowledge. Old government projects can be found on the deep web.

  • Hitman

    This is one of the worst things that you can find on the deep web. There are some websites on which you can hire a hitman and give them the details and pictures if the target. You have to pay in advance and the remaining amount will be paid after the job is done. These hitmen share the picture of your target after killing him/her.

  • Human experimentation

    This is the scariest thing that you will find on the deep web. Some people do experiments on alive human beings. These people are picked up from the streets. They even remove their kidneys and sell them at higher prices.

    These were all the things that you will find on the internet. Most of the mentioned things are illegal we recommend you to stay away from such things


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