What Do You Mean By To Look Fashionable? Some Of The Types Of Clothes That; Muslims Wear.


What do you mean by the word fashionable or fashion?

  1. Being fashionable is a word that tells uses the perfect sense of wearing clothes. A person looks fashionable when he or she will wear neat and tidy clothes with matching pair of accessories, shoes etc.
  2. Buying and wearing branded clothes is not a perfect way to look fashionable. Wearing up tidy and neat clothes is all about looking fashionable.
  3. Fashion is an art which helps out a person in so many different ways such as it helps to build or boost the self-confidence of a person, helps out people to look neat, clean and beautiful.

There are so many different types of dresses that people wear. Some of the dresses that Muslims wear are mentioned below:

  1. Hijabs: This is a dress that is worn by Muslim women to cover their heads. It is a small piece of cloth that the women have to cover their face and head in presence of any male member near them or around them. This is a type of dress which can be worn by women during prayer times. There are so many different styles of hijabs such as Afghani style hijab, Chiffon hijab, Pagdi style hijab, Pakistani style hijab etc. People can buy different types of hijab clothes online also at cheap and reasonable prices.

  1. Kaftans: This is a long type of dress that was worn by the kings of the Mughal Empire. This is a dress that is worn by the people in today’s time also but as a sense of fashion. This is a dress that keeps the person warm. This robe-like dress is a protection to people from extreme cold weather. This is a type of dress which can be worn by both men and women. Kaftans cover full body of the person expects head and face. These type of dresses are easily available on Modest forever site.

  1. Ombrey: This is also a piece of cloth that women wear to r cover their heads during the time of prayers. Men wear a cap during prayer times whereas women use this Ombrey. It helps out the women to hide their face also in presence of any male member near them. There are so many different types of Ombrey also such as rectangular Ombrey, silk Ombrey etc.

  1. Burkha: This is also a dress that the Muslim women wear in presence of male member near them other than their husband. This is the only dress that covers the women fully from top to the bottom. This dress is having a hijab on the top that helps them to cover their face also. This is a dress which is mostly worn by the women of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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