What It Takes to be a Data Scientist


Data scientists are the sexiest job of the 21st century. If you are into complex problem-solving, then this is the job for you. Being a data scientist is not easy. This is by far the most complicated job in the world. You got to have very strong analytic and statistical skill sets. And you don’t get to be shy when you’re a data scientist. You have to be a confident communicator.

Organizations are having problems with the rise in data collection and usage. This is why data scientists are in high demand across the industry who’s in need of a person with the best IT skills. Now you should know that data scientists are one of the highest paid professionals today.

Different Types of Data Scientist

Data scientists work can in the following areas: finance, academia, scientific research, retail, information technology and e-commerce. They have a wide range of work areas, so they would fit in with any business industry. This means that they have a higher rate with job opportunities.

Data Scientist Responsibilities

  As a data scientist, they have a lot of responsibilities. Some of it may include:

  • Work with the business to identify some issues where data can be used to promote solutions and effective decision making.
  • Work with the data provided which will be supplied, and should be tailored reports which will be given to colleagues or customers.
  • They are responsible for maintaining clear communications; verbal and written; for a better understanding of data needs and report results.
  • Will use machine learning tools and techniques such as data pipeline in formulating solutions.
  • Be enthusiastic and interested in using algorithms for problem-solving.
  • Have to create clear reports about the way the customers or clients work with the business.

The “Must-Have” Qualifications and Skills Required

A degree is often required but it does not have to be computer or science-based. As long as you have strong quantitative skills, interest in data, as well as the enthusiasm to solve problems logically, are very important. You should also have some knowledge of programming languages and some basic coding skills.

You should have the required skillset to become a data scientist. You should be a good communicator, have a good attention to detail, good planning, outstanding organizational skills, willing to share ideas, and the ability to solve problems. These may not be much but you have to be good at what you do in order to survive this complicated job.

Career Prospects

Your pace in climbing up the ladder of success will depend on your ability to learn fast the skills required for to analyze huge data sets, and of course your commitment to the organization. You can get a promotion in no time as long as you are at your best and show great improvement all the time.

Finding a good data scientist is quite hard. Even though this job gives a very good pay, it requires for the person to be really into the job. Like any other profession, you have to passionate about your job. Remember that the whole organization or company is looking up to you. If you’re good, then you have a higher chance of landing this job.


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