What will tomorrow’s smart homes look like?


Technological advancements and feats of engineering are occurring at a rapid pace every single day. From drones and virtual assistants to smart technology and a keen focus on sustainability, here’s just a little glimpse into what homes of the future might look like.

Goodbye, clay bricks

The home building process is set to become a much more eco-friendly affair, involving companies shunning many traditional manufacturing processes that are heavy on CO2 emissions. Rather than clay bricks, blocks that are, quite literally, grown from fungi or bacteria are the future.

Natural materials

Research conducted by the University of Bath and utilising more than a decade of data has concluded that straw is a commercially viable and effective building material which, when used as insulation, can reduce fuel bills by up to 90%. We’re experiencing a sustainability revolution and straw, fungi, and bacteria grown bricks are leading the way.

Living well, for everyone

Biosolar roofs are looking likely to surge in popularity, with these smart panels able to generate their own energy as well as provide a comfortable habitat for pollinators who ensure we all have plenty of fresh produce to eat. Underfloor heating on every driveway will ensure slipping on ice or having to dig a path through the snow becomes yet another thing of the past. Oh, and it’ll also have a designated charging station for your 100% electric, self-driving vehicle.

Comfort and convenience

Turning our attention to home interiors of the future now, home automation companies, such as Digital Interiors (http://digitalinteriors.co.uk/), are consistently innovating and striving to create smart products that will make daily life just that little bit simpler. From your very own robot butler fetching you a cold drink from the kitchen, to AI systems and assistants giving you the rundown of every news headline, sports result, and detailed breakdown of your itinerary for the next day, ease and convenience are at the heart of every future home.

Smart technology

With bathroom floors analysing your body as you brush your teeth every morning and noting everything from your heart rate to your BMI, to smart toilets telling you whether you need to adjust your diet, and smart mattresses helping you to achieve a restful night’s sleep, integrated smart technology is determined to help us understand ourselves in more detail than ever before.