What You Need To Know About IT Downtime

iSeries cloud backup

A downtime in technology is a period where the system is having an outage. It is not functional and your business processes can be put on hold. The ceasing of a business process can have a great effect on the performance of a business. This is the reason why it is very important that business should be back to normal as soon as possible.

You have to understand the things that will be put at risk when this disaster happens. If say your iSeries cloud backup will not be able to recover your data and information right away, it can take a toll on your businesses’ productivity. So here are the most important things that you should know about downtimes.

Factors That Will be Affected

As mentioned above, there are different risk factors when a downtime happens. The loss of productivity, your lost profits, possible penalties, and also the cost for your business to recover. These four are the major key factors that you should always consider when there is a system outage. That is the reason why most companies are looking for the best system recovery solution so that the business will not be put on hold for too long.

  • Lost of Productivity. With this risk factor, you have three things to consider. The direct productivity, where many of your workers will not be able to complete their tasks because of the loss of access to technology. Another is the indirect productivity which will also be affected by the direct productivity. When your team cannot work, generally, there will be less output.

  • Lost Profits. Because of the system outage, your workers will not be able to work on their tasks. This means that the output will be affected which will result in loss of profit. Just one day of lost profit can mean so much especially for small businesses. The sales rate will decrease and there will be a great damage when it comes to missed opportunities.

  • Potential Penalties. When a company is non-performing, there are some instances that they may face penalties. When the business is not able to meet deadlines and cannot perform as expected, there is a possibility that there will be penalties to pay.

  • The cost to Recover. When all the damages have been done because of the system outage, recovering from those losses will be a challenge. Business planning is very important so that the company would be able to recover seamlessly and will not affect the business outcomes. As long as you have a proper plan and solution for these events, your business would be able to survive the disaster caused by the system outage.

Source Data Products has been in this industry for over 2 decades. They have seen and experienced how companies stumble and get back up in times of disasters. This is the reason why they have provided the best recovery backup system that will be perfect for any businesses. So if your iSeries is out of date, make sure that you upgrade to the latest version to avoid possible downtimes.


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