Writing On the Wall: Brainstorming Through Corporate Expression


Brainstorming helps you break out of the box – literally! An interactive whiteboard’s frame is starting to feel outdated, with graffiti walls, idea walls and writing walls increasingly becoming important components of the design scheme of corporate spaces. When you take a look at numerous innovative London-based corporations, what you will find is that writing walls for various functions are appearing all across the working space. It is possible to write on meeting room walls from the floor all the way up to the ceiling, while foyer and social spaces invite visitors and staff to add their very own message or mark.


What is actually involved in creating an ideal wall? Although using specialised white paint by office painters is common and practical, a wide range of possibilities are opened up by clear dry erase paint for creatively using office walls, while at the same time keeping your decorative identity maintained. Another alternative is to entirely break away from walls and use dry erase glass partitioning instead. Or functionality of a wall can be increased further through making them magnetic in addition to writable. With thoughtful application and high-quality products, your workspace can truly encourage and embrace ideas.


There is nothing new about a functional wall. For years now, whiteboards have been a standard addition to conference rooms, with the fashion industry transforming mood walls with textures and colours, and giant calendars been overseen schedules of very busy event teams for quite some time. Everything has a digital solution these days, but at times there is no replacement for a visual take on your surrounding walls.


In order for a workforce to allow for embracing freedom of expression, there need to be tools that are widely available. When employees are able to select which work methods they want to use they are at their most creative and it opens up opportunities for expressions to allow for this. A whiteboard is well-suited for very limited space function, and before writing the looming frame does suggest a requirement of permission. By contrast, a writing wall embraces and invites inclusions by anyone happening to pass by!


Creativity really thrives in structured chaos environments, and that is what is offered by a writing wall. It appeals to our inner anarchists; all us were told when we were children to not draw on walls! When the forbidden is suggested, creative thought is unleashed. A competitive edge is given by creative problem solving that all businesses are striving to have.


All institutions or corporations would like to achieve innovation, however, at the same time, many of them deny how important creativity is. Yet one depends completely on the other: creativity is the process of new ideas being generated, while innovation involves that idea being applied. So actually, innovation can be defined as applied creativity.


Idea or writing walls are more than just being a platform for generating new business ideas. It is also about creating a work environment where employees can feel enriched and empowered. Writing walls places in various parts of a corporate space provide ownership of this space. Whenever colleagues or employees are encouraged to engage in graffiti for fun, it makes them feel part of the team and that they have been able to make their mark.


Writing walls are not the only wall function that has broken out of its frame. This trend of applying directly to walls also extends to office artwork. Numerous large firms are commissioning office murals in order to foster creative and relaxed environment, or for tying branding into a decoration scheme. It, of course, does not come cheap. For individuals with smaller budgets, a similar effect can be achieved with wall graphics, to enrich a workspace’s collaborative focus and branding.

Innovative approaches and creative ideas can come from anybody who visits your building: visitors, partners, clients, employees. They provide fresh concepts and perspectives so it is critical for sharing of ideas to be encouraged and supported by the company. Through thoughtfully utilising writing walls across a workspace, the platform can be opened up to benefit from those ideas for many years into the future.


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