Saint-Emilion Wine Tour

Imagine a medieval village in the middle of a world-famous vineyard full of history. That fantastic place is called Saint-Emilion and Wine Cab allows you to discover its greatest assets on board a comfortable an authentic English taxi, in the company of a friendly driver who will also be your wine tour guide. During the trip, you will be introduced to a prestigious Grand Cru Classéin this UNESCO World Heritage authentic village. Are you interested in learning more about tours? Visit our website for complete information about tourism, destination and traveling.

Discover the Saint Emilion Vineyards during the Wine Tour

Exploring the vast vineyards of Saint Emilion in a London cab is certainly the best wine tour you can make in the wine region of Bordeaux. This village is a unique place where some of the most prestigious winemakers in the world, such as Siaurac and Soutardwill open their doors and transport you to another dimension with refined tastingsessions. Your wine cab will take you through the charming roads lined with stone walls.

You will admire landscapes and atmospheres that might remind you Scotland or Normandy with the green valleys and the steep slopes. But from the first tasting of a Classified Grand Cru, you will understand that this territory is one of a kind, a wander for all wine lovers.Your tour in those vineyards of Bordeaux will continue with a second visit to a castle selected for its hospitality and the quality of its wine. In general, it is a family estate where you and your family or friends will be welcomed as distinguished guests!

The properties of the Saint-Emilion wine route are very different from those of the rest of Bordeaux in terms of configuration. The dense and compact planting of vines is similar to that of Burgundy and Merlot represents 65% of the grape varieties used on the spot.

Discover the Beauty of Saint Emilion

With Wine Cab, you will be able to visit the most famous castles of Saint Emilion like the Château Angelus and the Château Pavie. You can even meet their oenologist who will show how to make a fine wine. And after this unforgettable visit, your driver will propose you to walk in the old streets of this medieval village. For an hour, you will discover by foot all Saint-Emilion with its half-timbered houses, stone stairs, old wash house and church witha perfectly intact cloister. Of course, your driver will offer you a glass of local wine whenever you want.

Saint-Emilion is famous for its wines but also for the city itself. It isnestled on the top of a hill and beautifully overlooks the surrounding vineyards and the Dordogne valley. It is home to the largest monolithic church in Europe and to a large number of ancient buildings, caves, monuments dating from the Middle Ages. And your Wine Cab tour will allow to discover all of this in the best conditions.

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