5 Treatments For Vericose Veins You Never Knew You Needed

Varicose veins are a commonly experienced problem in a large section of the population worldwide. It is particularly true for such people who are obese, have to keep standing for a long time, are physically inactive or suffer from certain other conditions that may result in an obstructed supply of blood to the veins in the lower body parts. Apart from the health viewpoint, it is also a major concern from aesthetically. Since varicose veins are notably visible therefore the beauty and overall personality of concerned persons may be affected adversely. Here are five varicose veins treatment that is less commonly known but needed by large numbers of people.
Endovenous Laser Ablation
Referred to as EVLA in short, it is used to get rid of the underlying causes for the varicose veins. At the same time, the symptoms, as well as the aesthetic issues caused due to this problem, are also managed by varicose vein clinic London. It is performed by applying local anaesthesia to the affected leg and by using the energy produced by the laser light. The affected veins are heated and destroyed so as to get rid of varicose veins.
Foam Sclerotherapy
This treatment option helps in getting rid of the causes and symptoms of varicose as well as thread veins. Chiefly, an injection containing a mixture of a chemical sclerosant liquid and foam with air is used in this process. The blood in the affected vein is displaced by the foam used in this process. The cells in the targeted vein are then killed and hence the vein becomes dead and shrinks off. The shrunken vein is then broken down and absorbed by the body.

Avulsions or Phlebectomy

This treatment option is used for management of any varicose veins that are still left following EVLA. In this process, a very dilute local anaesthesia is applied following which small incisions are made with the help of needles or fine or a fine scalpel blade. Chiefly, it aims at pulling and detaching of the varicose veins through the incisions.


This treatment option is primarily used to treat thread veins. It is considered to be the best-recommended treatment for thread veins. It is performed with the help of a small needle that aids in injecting the liquid into the clusters of thread veins.
Clarivein treatment
This treatment makes use of a rotating wire. The wire is basically used to scratch the vein wall so that a chemical sclerosant may be injected into it simultaneously.  It is considered to be totally painless and offers long-lasting and most effective results.

With all such varicose veins treatments available around, these may be opted for by anyone desirous of getting rid of such ugly looking and discomforting veins.

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