How To Get a Liquor License

Whether you run a restaurant, bar or club, having a liquor license can mean the difference between success and failure. An alcohol permit can be difficult to secure, especially in areas where the number of licenses is limited or if you are just starting out as a company.
Type and Class
There are different types and classes of alcohol permits and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission website can help you choose which one you need. Before you apply for your tabc permit, it is a good idea to ask yourself a couple of questions about your establishment and what you want to serve. For instance, if you are selling liquor to be consumed on your premises then you will need a different type of license than if you are selling alcohol to be consumed in the customer’s home.
Running a restaurant can have a different type or class of license than running a bar. For instance, some states require that restaurants have a food order in before an alcoholic beverage can be ordered and some bars will require only a beer license.

Applications and Costs

One of the easiest ways to get through the applications and costs part of getting an alcohol permit is to find a company dedicated to helping you through this process. This can allow you to pay one cost for all the permits and licenses that you need to get as well as having someone with experience guide you through the whole process. Part of the costs that you should consider is that sometimes you will be required to purchase a license from an existing bar or restaurant due to permit limits in your state or local area. This can raise the costs to cover lawyer fees and much more.
The first step to getting your liquor license is knowing what type and class of license you need. You can do this by writing down the specifics of your business and how it relates to the sale and consumption of alcohol. You can then start the applications and judge the costs for the permits.

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